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[Android] Problems with MirrorOp, Touch Mouse Server, etc.

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    [SOLVED] Problems with MirrorOp, Touch Mouse Server, etc.

    I can't run MirrorOp on my Windows 8 Notebook PC. Whenever I try to open it, it crashes. I encountered similar problems with many applications that turn your Android device into a wireless touchpad (Logitech Touch Mouse Server, et cetera).Most of them crash or donot respond when I run them on my PC. Even if some of them do, they aren't detected by their app counterparts running on my mobile phone.

    Tried with:
    Motorola Moto E
    Samsung Galaxy Grand
    Samsung Galaxy Y
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    Can anybody help me with this problem? I haven't tried all this on Windows 7, is it because of Windows 8? Also, I allowed all the apps through my firewall, so I know that isn't what's causing the problems.

    UPDATE: I tried running MirrorOp on my brother's Notebook, also Windows 8, and it worked just fine. So now I know that the problem's just with my PC. Will I have to reinstall Windows? Because I can't backup my files and I don't wanna pay such a price to make my phone work as a mouse.

    UPDATE: Updated to Windows 8.1, problem solved now.
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    Looks like it is the same thing as Twonky-Beam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by broe23 View Post
    Looks like it is the same thing as Twonky-Beam.
    Not really, Twonky Beam is for TVs.
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    Can nobody help me? Is there no solution to my problem?
    What a bummer...
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[Android] Problems with MirrorOp, Touch Mouse Server, etc.
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