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Windows 8.1 explorer.exe freezing/hanging

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    Windows 8.1 explorer.exe freezing/hanging

    So sometimes when I try to click the bottom-left start icon, it suddenly does not work. I hover over it but it doesn't change color nor work at all, but after i restart explorer.exe from task manager it starts working again. This happens randomly, and can happen again in a short while after restarting explorer.exe. I have this same problem on another computer running Windows 8.1 and I have not installed anything extra on that computer yet. I saw someone say disabling OneDrive syncing would solve this problem, but even if I did that it is still occasionally freezing up. The only thing that doesn't work is the bottom-left button, but since I don't use anything else but that button to go to the start menu, I'm not sure if the start menu is frozen as well and I will check that next time the freeze occurs. This has been pestering me a while now and is a bit problematic since even event viewer doesn't have any information on it.

    EDIT: The problem doesn't seem to be explorer.exe as a whole, since the taskbar works and windows open and close properly. I can also view and use explorer.exe normally (browse files and folders and open programs). However, the charms do not appear and the start button in the bottom-left doesn't work at all, i can't click it to get to the start screen nor right click it to show the menu. In other words it seems to be the start menu freezing, but there's nothing in event viewer that would indicate a problem. Restarting explorer.exe fixes this problem temporarily, but it keeps happening every now and then.
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Windows 8.1 explorer.exe freezing/hanging
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