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Help accessing Recovery partition?

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    Help accessing Recovery partition?

    Hi, I'm not the most computer savvy person out there-so I may need extra explaining. I have an Asus ux32a zenbook and basically, I was wanting to reinstall my windows 8 back to the factory settings. Long story short, my recovery image I saved is deleted and I may have started formating my hard drive but am not sure. I try the f9 at startup to access the asus recovery but nothing hapens.

    I have a copy of Windows 7 I was going to just install over it but when I go to the advanced set up where it asks where I want to install windows I get a long list of disk paritions that have OS, Data, Restore ect. already on it looks like , which makes me think I can still access windows 8 somewhere on my computer.

    The problem is, when I boot my computer without an installation usb, it directly takes me to the bios and nothing else. My question is, is it possible to see if I can access my recovery partition, if there is one, just through bios, since that is my only option when I turn the computer on? Thanks in advance!

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    The problem here is that if by pressing the F9 to access the recovery utility of Asus and it goes no further, it is not longer there.

    Your best and easiest solution would be to order the recovery discs from Asus and put it back to factory condition.
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    It will be there unless he has deliberately deleted it. More likely the recovery program can't find it. There can be any number of reasons for that. You may be able to fix the bcd entry for it, or simply apply the image it contains directly.

    Have a look with partition guru,
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    If you are not seeing any result of the F9 key during boot, the possibilities are you are not hitting the key correctly or the Recovery Tools Partition is missing or corrupted in some manner. But it sounds like, so far, you are just having problems with the small Recovery partition and not the larger Recovery Image partition..

    Your Windows 8 install is no longer bootable? If it takes you to the Bios, check the Boot tab and see if there is a Windows Boot Manager option you can choose to boot to.

    Having a picture of your partitions, as I believe SIW2 is suggesting, may help. As a note, I could not access that link.

    If you had upgraded to Windows 8.1, the OEM Recovery option will probably not work anyway.
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Help accessing Recovery partition?
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