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Windows 8.1 stuck in repair loop (2nd time)

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    Windows 8.1

    Windows 8.1 stuck in repair loop (2nd time)

    About a week ago I had the same exact problem. When I would turn on my pc it would try to diagnose my computer, repair it, and then fail and find no problem. I didn't find any solutions that could help me so I did a fresh install. Now its happening all over again. I originally thought the problem was my OS and re installing would fix my problem. Now I think that my SSD (OCZ Vertex 450) might be the problem.I think that disabling automatic repair could also fix the problem, but I don't want to turn that off and cause another potential problem if it wont stop the boot loop. I also have a hard drive which I could install windows on if I need to, but I am not sure my SSD is the problem and if it cant be fixed. I haven't been downloading anything lately, and I formatted both my SSD and hard drive when I did a clean install so I don't think the problem is a virus. Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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    It sounds hardware related.

    Have you tried going into Safe Mode?

    I built a new PC the other day and I have terrible problems. I was about to return my board back to the shop because I thought that it was my SSD that was causing the issue.

    It was just going blank after the POST screen.

    After trawling around the net, I stumbled across a similar problem.

    That person found that their PCI GPU was conflicting with their CPU's GPU, and the fix was to remove the PCI GPU, boot into Windows, update everything and then re-install the PCI GPU.

    His post saved me a great deal of problems. I could have been sending my board, and all the components back for testing.

    Things like this can catch anyone out, and they don't have a rationale answer.

    Start off by installing known safe components and getting the machine to work. Then introduce the other components to see what effect they have.

    These things are never easy.
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    Windows 8.1

    Thank you for the response. I will try to get to safe mode and see what I can do.

    Like I said the problem wasn't instantly happening. It took a week to happen the second time and I'm not sure what caused it.

    EDIT: I could not enter safemode or get to any options. I was brought to a screen that said windows is missing a file. It gave me the option to go to startup options and to retry but both did nothing.

    I ended up disconnecting the ssd and installing on my HD, hopefully the ssd was the problem.
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Windows 8.1 stuck in repair loop (2nd time)
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