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My issue with my Win 8 PC

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    My issue with my Win 8 PC

    A month ago i bought a Lenovo Yoga 2 Windows hybrid laptop/tablet. Returned it to the store a month later and bought the Acer C720 Chromebook instead. Why? Chromebook was cheaper and felt it works for someone like me which uses Google services most of the time.

    My observations with the Lenovo PC & Windows 8.1 in general:
    1. Even after having "more than decent" specs it took me more than 4 hours for the compete initial setup i.e. From setup to Windows 8.1 to some other new updates. If there are updates it still install slower than expected even though nothing is running in the background, etc. (Chromebook took me 4 minutes to setup completely and updates are done automatically) And this is all via my 50MB fibre broadband.
    2. The keypad was far from perfect and there were many gestures missing and sometimes just wouldn't respond even thought the PC was days old.
    3. Lack of a backlit keyboard. Yes the Chromebook doesn't also have that. A Macbook and a Surface/Surface Pro 2 has (with the attached keyboard)
    4. The Windows OS for me is still as bloated and confusing vs Chrome OS and Mac which are both more simplier, cleaner, user-friendly.

    5. Windows are prone for viruses. Chromebook are totally virus-free.

    Now, i'd like to try Windows again.
    What may i have been doing wrong in the initial setup as to why it took me 4 long hours in total?

    If i'm looking for a compact sub-13" hybrid tablet/laptop which ones i should looking for?

    I feel i can live without a Chromebook as most Google apps can be accessed online anyway. But does having a virus-prone, bloated, complicated and "known for slow updates due to a closed OS" like Windows 8/8.1 worth the money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gino76ph View Post
    ... I feel i can live without a Chromebook ...
    Are you considering returning the Chromebook?

    Now, I'd like to try Windows again.
    Don't know what country you're in. Is there a retail store nearby to test out a few computers?
    I know this sounds wasteful, but a Laptop I had bought with Windows 7 installed
    was backed up with imaging software then all partitions deleted, and a new copy of Windows 8 was clean installed.

    The OEM's tend to make systems complicated by creating restoration schemes.

    A clean install of 8 has no bloatware unless one considers default metro apps to be bloatware.
    Default metro apps are tiny, miniscule in size, and can easily be uninstalled.
    A clean install on an unallocated disk, now this is all about hardware.

    Are you familiar with partitions and how to save them with imaging software,
    then are you familiar with creating a disk with unallocated space?

    Is it an SSD, or HDD? What speed, 5400 or 7200? What is your CPU? How much memory?
    What is your GPU? An embedded Intel is ok.

    Some have had problems with viruses. Depends where you are, what you do.
    I've been using 8 for more than 2 years, never had a virus. Only using Windows Defender.

    Updates can be tedious, but should only take minutes, not hours.
    A clean install should take about 10 to 15 minutes depending.
    Network issues? You can install Windows disconnected from the net if you have an ISO on USB thumb with a key. Activation can happen when you connect to the net. That's another thing, install from a USB2 or USB3 thumb or DVD. A DVD is much slower.

    I bought (downloaded) an ISO from Newegg of Windows 8.1 (not Pro).
    For basic use, I did not need the added features.

    Clean Install - Windows 8
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    Windows 8.1

    I am considering returning the Chromebook not because i don't like it. It's because i'm finding lack of apps (offline and online) and a slow 2GB RAM as my reasons. ALthough saying that more & more apps are being added and new Chromebooks with 4GB RAM are all incoming.

    I'm from the UK and yes we have lots of retail stores especially here in London. The problem i have observed is the retail sales persons sometimes aren't too helfpul at all (perhaps because of staff shortage to cope with multiple customers) and the PC's on display are not updated to the latest OS versions and are on demo mode. This is the scenario on the 3 big stores i have been. So, its a lose-lose situation and sometimes you feel like banging your head on the wall.

    The specs of my previous Yoga 2 says it all. Its hard to believe why it took 4 hours IN TOTAL to set everything up whilst a Chromebook took 4 minutes.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Wow. I have the original Yoga 13 and it took awhile to setup with the original Windows 8. But what I did find out is that Lenovo had pretty crappy network drivers installed from the factory. 2 months later they released new drivers and BAM things sped up dramatically.

    Of course, you say your computer had 8 installed and therefore 8.1 had to be installed. So of course it took longer for that as well. All systems are shipped with the version of Windows that is available to manufacturers at the time and then they write their drivers and test, etc. Depending on when you buy the system, it could need very little updating (most new systems come with 8.1 installed now).

    The 'bloated' OS is really a problem with the add-ons. Especially in Europe, Microsoft was sued years ago to allow other browsers (and other software) access to the system so they didn't have a monopoly on the desktop. Then software makers paid hardware manufacturers (not Microsoft) to pre-install their software on systems. So you get tons of bloatware preinstalled. Here, in the United States, even the outlet stores get in on it. For example, Best Buy gives your 'free' software with your purchase. Those software manufacturers didn't get a deal with the hardware manufacturers so they went to the sales outlet to give away 'free' software (that need a license after XX days).

    My point is, after getting Window up and running, you should go to the Control Panel and delete every unnecessary applications. Of course some with be from the manufacturer (needed drivers, utilities) but those same manufacturers install games, etc too.

    Virus protection is another area of abuse. I uninstall it all. Windows 8 comes with Defender (formerly MS Security Essentials). Just choose that and you should be fine.

    If you think your are safe from viruses on any other OS, you are fooling yourself. Now that the Android OS and Mac OS are more popular, hackers are writing more and more code against them.

    I won't even get into the 'user-friendly' comment. To each his own, but it's about being familiar with what you already know. If you have used Chrome OS on your phone or had a Mac, you'll never be happy with Windows. Not because it isn't better, but because it's different.

    So, to answer your basic question, if you are going to buy a Windows PC, it depends on what you want to do. The Lenovo's lower resolution systems are great for basic stuff (Internet, email, regular windows programs). But if you are ever going to run a desktop game, the minimum is a I-5 or equivalent processor, higher than the 1378 x 768 resolution. 4GB memory absolute minimum, preferably more.

    If you can wait a month or so, MS has made dramatic licensing changes to lower the price on small systems, including making it free on some smaller, low cost ones.
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My issue with my Win 8 PC
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