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    Ownership rights

    Hello guys,
    I reinstalled my system (from 8.1 to 8.1), I have a SSD (for OS) and standard HDD for data. I seem to be having ownership issue on both drives (error: you will need administrator rights to do something) which I neither solved by this Take Ownership Shortcut - Windows 7 Help Forums or Full Administrative Rights? - Windows 7 Help Forums . I am the only user and an admin. I turn off UAC completely after installing a fresh system. There are also security icons in the context menu on both delete and rename options. If I just confirm the announcement, of coarse it will work but I would like to get rid of this at all. It annoys me a lot. I feel helpless as what I have tried so far did not work it out.

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    BlacKout can you try creating a new user account as an administrator? It is possible that your windows profile is corrupt, it happens a lot more often than you think. Test to see after logging into the new user account if its any better.

    Also, was any of the data encrypted between transferring data between the drives?
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    The first question that comes to mind is what are you trying to take ownership of? If it is trying to move data from the Platter drive to the SSD. Get something like EaseUS Todo to move the image from the Platter drive over to the SSD.

    Also having a SSD as the Main OS drive and Platter for data is doing it backwards. If the SSD is large enough. Just use it for everything. Stuff like documents, pictures, music, etc.. Keep a copy of that on a NAS or Cloud drive.
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    I didnt move any data from drive to drive. Also the data wasnt encrypted. I managed to take ownership on my HDD which is parted into 2 logical partitions, theres no problem there anymore. I created a new admin user as suggested with no positive result. SSD data still have the problem yet if I check the security tab, it says that Adminstrators groups is the owner and my account is of coarse the group member (context menu screenshot here: )
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    After taking ownership you must still grant acces rights to the owner by rightclicking the folder in question, Properties, Security.
    But of course you did that :-)
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Ownership rights
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