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Is 8.1x64 slower than Win7x64?

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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Windows 10 x64

    Quote Originally Posted by LMiller7 View Post
    On the same hardware Windows 8.1 should be faster than Windows 7. This is to be expected. Windows 8 has a number of performance enhancements and can take better advantage of hardware that did not exist when Windows 7 was designed.

    But the influence of the OS on performance is relatively minor. The primary factor is hardware. Slower hardware will almost always have inferior performance no matter what OS it is running. 3 GB RAM is going to at least somewhat limit performance on any modern OS, particularly 64 bit. Not relevant here but a laptop will always be at a disadvantage compared to a similar desktop. The design priorities of a laptop are low weight, power consumption, and cost. Anything that compromises those priorities is often sacrificed.
    Well said.

    But sometimes you pay more for less power consumption at the best possible hardware speeds so that won't make the laptop low on the cost side, if I read correctly.

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    In todays computer market keeping the price down is always a priority. But there are many ways they can adjust the priorities for different markets. At one end you can have good performance and low power consumption but at a premium price. At the other end everything is sacrificed to keep price down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LMiller7 View Post
    At the other end everything is sacrificed to keep price down.
    Yes, it seems to be that way.
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    I have a rather high spec desktop and I must say I haven't noticed any difference between 8.1 and 7.

    7, if I remember right, was doing a bit of clever illusioning to LOOK like it was performing faster than it actually was, so it wasn't always obvious where the bottlenecks were, since Windows was trying to conceal it.
    8 does the same, to some extent.

    For what it's worth, Windows 8.1 also appears very fast on my very average laptop.

    But for things like ripping films, audio-coding, using Photoshop etc - I definitely prefer to do that on the desktop.

    Unless you are not doing things like what I just mentioned, or you are playing the latest games, it really doesn't matter much. Hardware at the moment, is sort of ahead of what software can demand of it, in most cases.
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    Hi there.

    After two or 3 boots Windows 8.1 stores a lot of data in system "Pre-fetch" areas which makes the following boot ups a lot quicker since the data it "knows" you need will already have been "pre-loaded". Similarly some of the kernel modules have been improved and re-written. As well the security system is also now built into the kernel rather than the OS having to make external calls to a "security bolt on".

    You really don't need any 3rd party security add ons for Windows 8.1 either -- especially the free versions. (In a corporate environment - different rules apply -- I'm addressing my remarks to normal individual home users). Some 3rd party security add ons really KILL the system too !!!!

    The "Pre-fetch" algorithm is very sophisticated and quite accurate these days. Windows 7 also had this type of algorithm but it's much more fine tuned and improved in Windows 8.1.

    If you refresh system and page areas on every re-boot you lose a lot of this optimisation. Windows is much better at organising this rather than manually trying to adjust it.

    So yes with the same hardware I'd say Windows 8.1 is IN GENERAL far better performing than Windows 7 -- itself not a bad system either.

    (Note here -- we are talking about the OS itself -- not necessarily the APPLICATIONS running on it -- a slow very I/O bound application will run slowly whatever system is being used - even when an SSD is installed) - similarly a very CPU intensive application will run as slow as molasses if you only have a small Celeron / Atom processor).

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    When I went back to my Win 7 x 64 image it was so slow. I could not wait to image back up to Win 8.1 x64.
    On a laptop and a desktop there was a big difference and I run 8.1 along with Zorin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    similarly a very CPU intensive application will run as slow as molasses if you only have a small Celeron / Atom processor).

    my nephew use to run world of war craft on a acer one with atom cpu 2gig ram, how fast it ran im not sure
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Is 8.1x64 slower than Win7x64?
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