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Never used win 8.1, considering buying laptop - any advice

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    Just started windows 8.1 a few months ago, switched mainly from xp but i haved every windows version...yes 3.1, 95, 98, me, nt, 2000, vista, and xp.
    They all worked. If you worked at it. Loved xp, ran it on a 8 system network, very reliable. Now running 8.1 xp vista and a few android devices, might not use all of 8.1 but it is interesting, and i find makes me more productive.btw w my first computer was a timex/sinclair z???. It ran on a cassette.
    My first programming course was Fortran on ibm cards.

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    I have two Toshiba C850d-st3nx1 laptops in my household. They will run Windows 7 with one catch. You cannot get a driver for AHCI. So you cannot fine tune power settings. They will though run Linux with no issue. I did upgrade the wifi mini-cards in both of them to the Intel 7260 Dual-Band Wireless-AC card. Also had to add a second antenna to get the full 300mb/s for the card.

    The Realtek card was fine. But was not future proof for if we ever move up to a Wireless-ac A/P in our home, or have to go somewhere that has available Wireless-ac.

    You can get some decent deals on Toshiba Direct right now. I will tell you up front that manufacturers have been having issues with the keyboards. Especially since only one company makes them for all of the manufacturers now. I would also go with an SSD on the unit vs. a Platter or Hybrid Hard drive.
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    Windows 8.1

    My personal experience...
    I bought a laptop with Windows 8.1, i could have gone with Windows 7 (what i was used to) since it's custom build laptop, but i chose the new OS as i figured it was the way forward.

    First i was alittle frustrated, not because of it booting to tiles, you can fix that so it boots directly to desktop. mainly because the start menu was gone, i most used the start menu for getting to "This PC" and searching.

    But i learned a shortcut for those
    Windows key + E - for This PC
    Windows key + S - for searching

    Now my overall effiency is faster than Win7

    And things like skype, you can still install the desktop version, so it looks just like Windows 7
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    Win8.1 Pro, Desktop Mode

    Classic shell is the answer, as others have mentioned. It "fixes" the ridiculousness of 8/8.1
    Install it, and forget it. Be happy.
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    And if you find something in Classic Shell that you don't like, spend the $5 and try Start8 by Stardock. I like the look of Stardock's product better, I have purchased 3 copies (one for my work laptop, one for wife's laptop and 1 for kids laptop).
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    --- by mdmd

    Good advice.

    This forum is filled with posts about laptop owners having major problems.

    Imaging all your local drives will save you a lot of headaches.

    I bought Macrium Reflect & make images all the time.

    A 64 GB usb drive should be adequate at maximum compression.

    I format my usb as ntfs instead of Fat 32 so I get 1 big image.
    Fat 32 only allows 4 GB file size.
    My images are only 21 GBs.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi there

    depends on how you use it --if you can see if you can upgrade the installed W8 to W8.1 update 1 -- and set it to boot straight to desktop.

    Most of the "standard" windows apps can be pinned to the desktop and / or the quick launch bar so unless you have a whole slew of applications a Windows Start menu can easily be done without.

    You can CREATE a custom toolbar with your own cascaded menu items if you want to -- depends on what you want to run on the laptop.

    I've found the menu argument more and more of an irrelevance these days. IMO Windows 8.1 works just fine -- I wouldn't even bother with things like Startisback or whatever - there's probably a 100% chance they won't work with the next upgrade / release of Windows anyway -- why CREATE additional problems for yourself when its not necessary.

    W7 WAS a good OS - but it's HISTORY now -- if W8.1 works for you don't bother with "downgrading".

    The only caveat I'd list on new laptops is the wretched PROTECTED BOOT stuff -- I'd disable that as quickly as possible if I were you - BUT BACKUP YOUR SYSTEM FIRST.

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Never used win 8.1, considering buying laptop - any advice
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