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Just tested the opinion of the 'General Public'

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    Just tested the opinion of the 'General Public'

    Today I gave the last class of an eight week Windows 7 class in my computer club. During the last hour of the class I presented Windows 8 as kind of an outlook. The reaction was interesting. Not a single person disliked Windows 8 at this point. The general consensus was that it is probably easier to use than Windows 7.

    Remind you, those are senior citizens who are no geeks by any imagination. They thought it was interesting and refreshing. None of these people run a business on their system. So here may be the difference.

    I had to do overtime because several people asked me to copy the .iso to their external disks so that they did not have to download it for 3 hours.

    Looks like Windows 8 may do better than we think. All it needs is a bit of basic education.
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    I think what Microsoft should do, is make a big tile on the start screen saying, Quick Guide to Win 8, big bold type so that everyone can read it easily. It would only need to be 2 pages at most with the most basic steps, and then maybe a link at the bottom for a more definitive Guide. Windows 8 is easy, it just needs a little bit of fiddling around, which some people just dont seem to like doing. Its good to see the seniors taking a liking to it, hopefully the rest of the world will take to it as well.
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    That's a good idea Bill. Once people get the basics down, it's a lot less frustrating to do anything.

    whs, glad to hear your class approved, I think it will catch on.
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    I'm waiting on "Windows 8 for Dummies" to show up in the stores. A little education goes a long way. I feel real comfortable using Windows 8 and I think it is a winner. Don't need no stinking Start button.

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    It is a matter of how you personally setup your desktop. I have a totally empty one, for example. My (previous) Program menu was arranged into 10 folders. After several years of use, I new where to find any particular program, in its designated folder. The Metro screen does not bother me, visually, but, obviously, to leap from a small folder view to a random icon view of all the executives, is not a "learning" experience, but a task of getting used to a new way of operating. If MS introduce closed folders, within which I can tuck my programs out of sight, then I will feel no difference. fwiw, my son, who has several rows of shortcut icons on his Windows 7 desktop, can not see a great deal of difference. At the moment, my only other complaint, maybe related to the mediocre quality of my computer, is that I find the programs open more quickly from the desktop than from the Metro (by a very significant amount)
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    Did they actually use it? Or just looked at you showing it?

    I'm not surprised they looked at it with a smile since it was their first time to see it, and it always looks cool when it is new and this new Metro looking cool and etc, but I still think that most unskilled users will feel totally lost and will need long help before they can find the most basic things, meaning a big WTF.

    I removed Windows 7 and I am only using W8. It took me some days to learn where things are and get used to it. Ignoring Metro is not so difficult and the Start Menu can be survived. I like some new features such as the new taskbar, the new squared windows, and I find it faster and in general than 7. In fact, my laptop was slower on 7 x64 while it runs 8 x64 perfectly well. This means something. It is also cool that it installs very fast and has more startup features such as the easy selection of default system boot, waiting time, etc.

    In general it is better than 7, and 7 was very good.

    Now, nobody is going to convince me that this Metro thing and the changes in general don't mean a stupid waste of time to do many basic things. I just hate for instance this Charms sidebar and the difficulty to open it, scrolling up and down on empty, launching by mistake many time the full desktop view when I mouse over the lower right corner, for instance, or needing all this process and clicks and waits to go to restart/shut down. Simply absurd and annoying.
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    WOW -- you got "senior citizens" to sit through eight WEEKS of Win7 training! That is amazing -- since I'm now one of those folks myself and have a hard time envisioning my peers being able to hang-in that long.

    You must have covered it in enormous detail to have taken up eight weeks.
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    Are you sure they were all awake and paying attention?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Phelps View Post
    WOW -- you got "senior citizens" to sit through eight WEEKS of Win7 training! That is amazing -- since I'm now one of those folks myself and have a hard time envisioning my peers being able to hang-in that long.

    You must have covered it in enormous detail to have taken up eight weeks.
    Everybody brought their own laptop. I showed them an operation and then they had to immediately execute that on their own. With 27 people in the room, that did not always go smoothly. My wife, who assisted me, had to help many people to find their bearings.

    At the beginning it took already half an hour to get everybody connected to the router. Then they had to download stuff from my blog and the internet. That was not always smooth either. But at the end everybody said that they learned a lot and are already asking for an encore. Well, that will be in the fall because I am not here during the summer.

    I just hate for instance this Charms sidebar and the difficulty to open it
    You can use Win+C to get to them.

    a random icon view of all the executives
    I put mine into groups and named the groups. That makes navigating a lot easier.

    What I would really like is when you would be able to customize the tiles. Right now, all the user created tiles look the same and it is more difficult to id what you are looking for. But that should be possible because the tiles that come with the system are customized.
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    I took a laptop with Windows 8 CP installed with my customized Start Screen, and some friends and fellow coworkers were awed by that and thought it was really cool. They were impressed, mind you, these are average consumers of PC devices as well. I showed a coworker that was considering an ipad, and showed them the Start Screen and told them why a Windows 8 tablet would be better, and they were sold.

    On a side note, I took my Windows Phone 7 and put it next to the laptop. The Start Screen tiles on the laptop were red and the background was black, just like on my Windows Phone, and it was the coolest thing EVER. I'm really liking the concept of One OS to Rule Them All....Windows style! Aw yeah!
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Just tested the opinion of the 'General Public'
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