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.exe that send key {win}? (to bring astart menu in touch)

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    .exe that send key {win}? (to bring astart menu in touch)

    hello. i have a windows 8 touch screen system, so i cant press the corners... so i was wandering, how to make an .exe that the only thing it does is press the windows key (or win+c for charms), so that i can be able to press start and charms... any ideas?

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    You can make it yourself with autohotkey. (AutoHotkey - Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText, Choose AutoHotkey_L)

    Install it.

    Right click on your desktop and chose create new Autohotkey script.
    And paste this

    #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
    #Warn ; Recommended for catching common errors.
    SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.

    send #c
    #c change to whatever you want. (# is Windows key)

    You can use it, or you can right click it and choose "compile script" it will compile it into .exe
    After compiling .exe you can uninstall autohotkey (if you want )

    Btw, Doesn't swiping from right corner bring up charms in Touch screen?
    Windows 8 Consumer Preview Walkthrough and Review - YouTube (at 4:04)

    EDIT: There is a compiled .exe for you. All it does it press Win+C and exit. (If you are unsure, just compile it yourself as above)

    It's inside Zip
    Win+C.exe hashes:
    MD5: cb849dc6c9b43a2b83983daf384681e0
    SHA-1: d78e94408bd520290a2dd65a5a14465946c68056

    .exe that send key {win}? (to bring astart menu in touch) Attached Files
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    dude.thanks ALLOT.u made my day!without this, win8 was useless to me!. i need it cause my touch isint good enough for presision, and i dont have mouse!
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    You are welcome, just ask if you need anything else.
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.exe that send key {win}? (to bring astart menu in touch)
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