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How to make windows 8 survive a hard shutdown?

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    How to make windows 8 survive a hard shutdown?

    Okay, so I did an experiment which I performed a hard shutdown (holding power button for 5 seconds) and each time after that windows refuse to start normally and auto repair fails, forcing me to refresh the pc/reimage the drive/system restore/cd which is troublesome. (depends)

    Now this pisses me off because last time when I was using windows xp, 7 and vista on my old pc, I don't have this kind of problem. Whenever my pc hangs/freezes I used to be able to perform a hard shutdown and know that there won't be any real consequences.

    So I need to know how to get my current pc to display this toughness because I know that eventually somewhere in the future my PC will hang for whatever reason and I need my PC to be reliable when I do a hard shutdown.

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    I never seen that happen with W8, 8.1, check your HDD.
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    well, I ran all the test, chkdsk, trial of hd tune pro and even used the Lenovo Diagnostics Software and they said it was all okay.

    Hd tune did give a calibration retry count warning but that was all.
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    If you do that enough. Yes it will mess up the OS. Only way to fix is a repair install.
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    I did that many times with my previous computer with vista never had any problems, there is something wrong with your computer. You can run as many diagnostic programs as you want, that doesn't mean everything is ok. There are people that go to the doctors, told they are ok, walk out then drop dead
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    A hard shutdown can cause disk file system errors if the OS or any app is writing to the disk when the shutdown occurs. It is reasonable to expect the OS to check the disk the next time it starts.
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    As far as I remember, all the windows since Win 95 were doing this. Has nothing to do with "toughness", simply if it gets shut down while it's writing something to disk, or while cache is not written to disk yet, some files are going to have a problem weather they get checked after reboot or not. It's better to know about it and eventually repair them than to be in ignorant bliss that all is OK.
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    One possibility: Enable, Disable Disk Write Caching in Windows 7 | 8 though I don't recommend it as you will pay a performance penalty.
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How to make windows 8 survive a hard shutdown?
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