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How do I switch to text mode? For example, in linux it's something like ctrl+shift+f7.

There are times when an application or a game is hijacking the screen/desktop, and hangs. When I try alt+ctrl+del task manager to kill it, I only see the task bar, and the rest of the desktop is black. So I can't see what I am doing. If I could only hijack it back, e.g. text mode to kill the application.
my uneducated guess would be you have issues with the computer far worse than you think,[ma be video device freezing because of overheating ,just saying ] ,and your option when at the black screen is to force a hard shutdown and start over,,what I would do at that point anyway, what you chose to do is up to yourself.if alt ctrl del doesn't bring up taskmanage then Explorer.exe needs to be restarted ,
edit- maybe you could post a screenshot or picture of the black screen with the toolbar,use a camera if needed ,good luck happy computing