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An update for the "Windows Classic" users.

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    An update for the "Windows Classic" users.

    Not sure if the Windows team has even considered this, but a few of Win7 users still use the classic look. It might be because it's easier to manage or they don't like Aero, or they want a graphics boost on a lower spec system. Either way it'd be nice if they added another "classic" option.

    In my dream world it'd be a mix of Aero and Classic. I don't use the Aero themes because most of them just aren't my style. I know classic improves visual performance a tiny amount, but I've got a decent enough system that I don't need to rely on that. I'd like for windows to develop a middle ground that was a bit more minimalistic than Aero, but included some of the useful functions like Peek and Preview. I know most of this can be done through tinkering in Windows 7 atm, but it'd be nice if they gave classic users a second option. Something that's been updated with all of the new enhancements but doesn't look like it was developed in a candy store or based off a piece of cardboard.
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    I wouldn't advise holding your breath for this one. I have the feeling that glitz and glamor are what we can expect.
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    Ya from what we have seen in the years of Microsoft's operating systems they force people to move on to the latest and greatest things around even OS's like XP and 2000 are still used today because people and businesses don't need to upgrade then.
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    Yes but if you look at it from their side you can't expect them to stand still, OK there are still lots of people and business's that still use XP, I still have an XP machine here in daily use but that doesn't mean I want to keep using it forever.

    Technology doesn't stand still and you have to try and keep ahead of the game if you want to stay in business these days, and I don't think that means putting old technology into new systems.
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    Wasnt(Isn't) Windows 8 supposed to have some GUI we've never seen before? I read that somewhere.... Correct me if im wrong
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkDavil View Post
    Wasnt(Isn't) Windows 8 supposed to have some GUI we've never seen before? I read that somewhere.... Correct me if im wrong
    Nobody knows yet. People are speculating about everything, but the truth is we know nothing about what 8 will be like.
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    Sorry didn't like when it was new, so I don't care for it now. It is time to move on, yesterday is dead and gone.

    I would actually like to see something new as far as the GUI goes, as to what I am not really sure, but it is time for change (both in the Windows world and the Mac world).
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    I, too, am not a fan of the aero themes. I don't mind the glitz; but the themes are not my style. I created my own to suit me. It will be interesting to see what GUI Win 8 comes out with.
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    Out with the old and in with the new
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An update for the "Windows Classic" users.
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