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Laptop won't hibernate anymore

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    Alright, I understand what you're talking about now, thank you. But I've already tried changing my power plan several times, and it doesn't seem to make a difference. And again, I hear what you're saying about hibernate, but now I'm more concerned with the Sleep function. My computer won't sleep either, it just shut downs after sleeping for like an hour. I don't see anything in the power plan that could be causing this, but that might just be my inexperience. Do you know what might be causing that, or how to fix it?

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    Again, you have to create a new power plan. Just changing the existing ones is not going to work. Or better yet. Remove any Asus Power management software and see if that works. You will have to go into advanced power properties and tweak various settings. But that is all easy peasy stuff.
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    Sorry to necro an old thread but I am having an issue like this on a P50-AST3NX1 laptop from Toshiba. For some reason, it absolutely refuses to allow me to hibernate the computer properly.
    It appears to shut down to hibernate properly but then when I try to un-hibernate the computer later, it does something very weird (almost seems like a power blip issue) and then pops up a message telling me that "Windows 8 had an error" and proceeds to restart the computer instead of resuming from hibernation.
    I do not have this issue on another computer from Toshiba that has less memory than this current computer so I am wondering if hibernation does not work on computers with more than 8GB's of memory properly.

    Anyone have any thoughts as to what the issue is and how I can fix it?
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Laptop won't hibernate anymore
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