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    Alex, I believe we had the same problem. I was here a couple posts/days ago?

    I suggest you try and do what I did, just to check if its the same problem. Try to run the cmd (admin) again, but when it pops up, try hitting 'prtsc' to photograph it, then use something like paint to see if it recorded. (This may take a few attempts)

    After you get it, see if it has the same message in the picture from my thread:

    Command Prompt Woes

    Chances are if you have the same message, then the solution should be the same. (it'll be in neutron's post, make sure to give him a thumbs up if it works, and use the .exe one in his solution)

    Good luck on your problem!

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    Thanks adamf,
    Followed the instruction to enable the Administrator, an extra log in name ( administrator) was created, logged in and installed chrome.
    What I don't understand id that my log in name is as an administrator when checked under user group.
    Is ther any way that I can modify my present user name as a full administrator, so don't have to keep log in and out when an administrator rights required.
    Thanks again
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    Thanks crystalobie,

    Yes I get the same msg as you, but followed adamf suggestion and it worked.
    I used option three from
    Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8
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    You can use the built in Administrator account (and rename it if you want) but this account can only be a local account not a microsoft account so you can't use any of the store apps. Another option is to reduce UAC (User Access Control) - then you'll not be prompted for your password so often. Generally you don't often have to actually use the built in Administrator account - only if something goes wrong.
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Command prompt (Admin)
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