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Ideas for 2nd drive?

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    Ideas for 2nd drive?

    hey everyone! I jsut installed another HDD in my drive bay. I have never done this before and do not want to use it soley for storage and making it bootable to another OS doesn't make sense since I can doa VM.

    What else cool can I do with an extra internal drive with a bunch of free space? not sure how to utilize it other than dfor storage or a totally different OS.

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    Get a backup program and back up Windows.
    You'll thank yourself, later.
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    Install Owncloud, open a port on your router.. then offer free storage to the kind folk at EF... We will all thank you later ..,LOL
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    Put your VMs and your pagefile on the second drive - it will speed things up.
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    Maybe too late now but if you don't need all that space, should have done yourself a favor and bought an SSD for system and used that HDD for storage.
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Ideas for 2nd drive?
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