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Search is not working between files and in start menu

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    Search is not working between files and in start menu


    I'm new to Windows 8 but not at all computer noob.

    Since I turned on a new computer, SEARCH function is not working anywhere.

    I can't enter the search mode in Explorer (CTRL+F or WIN+F does simply nothing) and when I go to Start menu screen and start typing, nothing happens. When I'm in Start menu and go to search it gives me no results no matter what I type - it just says: This app can't be searched. (as you can see below).

    Click image for larger version

    Could you please help?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Windows 8

    Few hours of thinking and clicking and I finally found it.

    The "Windows search" was unchecked Programs and features menu. (See attachment)

    Hope it will help somebody else to solve the same issue.Click image for larger version
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    now there is one to remember ,good job
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Search is not working between files and in start menu
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