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Windows 8 - Security/Performance/General questions

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    Windows 8 - Security/Performance/General questions

    Okay so I recently moved to Windows 8/8.1 (When the update finally downloads) just for light gaming and ease of use over my Linux desktop, I have used Windows before, I have been using it since 95, but I would like to ask some general questions if that is okay.

    How can I improve my overall security?
    I know I can use apps like Malwarebytes etc but how do I improve other aspects? I have secure boot but I am unsure if I have TPM support on my laptop, also what else can I do to improve the security overall?

    How can I improve overall performance and boot times?
    Okay so on Linux I experience rather quick boot times, I understand I dont have the ability to edit stuff deep in the OS, but what can I do to improve the boot time? I have a SSD already, also with stuff like opening Chrome, when I had 7 on my desktop it was almost instant, my laptop does not have the same level of hardware but is there away again to improve overall system performance?

    Minimal looking desktop?
    I love the minimal look of any OS, more so with apple, dont ask why I just do, I much prefer w8 look over 7s due to it been more professional to me, but I love minimal looks, uniform colours, I have had a look on deviant art but last time I tried it it slowed my desktop down during boot on w8, unsure why but is there a way to do it without performance hits?

    Visual studio a good tool?
    I used this in college, but never really used all of the app, is it any good for stuff like C? maybe python, we only used VB.

    Anyways thanks people they may seem noob like questions but I still am a noob.

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    Do not visit questionable websites. Use Firefox or Google chrome with add-ons like Adblock Plus, WOT (Web Of Trust), Javascript pop-up blocker. Firewall only would be needed if the system is going off of your LAN. Malware software is your choice. It all depends on the features. Malwarebytes, EmsiSoft, Kaspersky, Bitdefender to name a few. If your ISP offers Norton for free. The newer edition runs lighter then the older edition.

    There is also the Router that can make a difference. I am now using the Cisco RV-320, which offers onboard rules & a very good firewall. But you have to look at what the user does with the computer.

    A linux machine can be just as easily infected with a Trojan as a Mac or PC running Windows. If you are comfortable with Linux. Stick with Linux.
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Windows 8 - Security/Performance/General questions
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