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Windows 8.1 Pro seems to lock when Idle - Black Screen

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Windows 8.1 Pro seems to lock when Idle - Black Screen

    Hiya guys, just signed up looking for some help. I am running Windows 8.1 Pro on a Desktop PC.

    My issue is this:

    My PC is on 24/7 previously on every version of Windows when I walk away, the screen turns off after 30mins of inactivity, the PC stays on and when I return, I simply moved the mouse and within 2 - 3 seconds the monitor was back on, and I was where I left it.

    On Windows 8.1 that sometimes happens, but 90% of the time what is happening, when I return to my PC, I move the mouse and nothing happens, anything I press on keyboard etc, monitor stays off on black screen, if I turn the monitor off by the button and back on, it just stays black, the only way I can get back to my Desktop is to restart the PC!!

    I changed several power settings around, disabled password on idle setting, googled many things and tried and its still doing it. The PC is still on fans etc, but doesn't respond.

    Weird thing is, it did it today when I was watching a movie on my PC connected media server downstairs (app is PS3 Media Server used with a WDTV Live Hub) I came to use the PC and it was black screen, I went back downstairs and could still access all my files on the media server, so the PC is still up and fully running when it does this, but I just can't get the monitor to display anything other than black screen, again on a reboot everything is fine again.

    To summarise, I have power setting to turn off display after 30mins, usually a nudge of the mouse brings the monitor to life, this is not happening, I can only get back to desktop via hard PC reboot.

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    Does your PC have an on board Video card, and if so are you also using an add Video card. If this is what you have set up then there is a chance that the OS is attempting to read both cards, thus you need to disable the on board video card or disable or remove the added video card. . . "Welcome to the Eight Forums. . .
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    No, it only has an Asus PCI Express card, connected via HDMI cable. No other GFX display. Sometimes the monitor doesn't stay all black it has a box top left that displays HDMI, then it switches to Analogue, then back again, and repeats, just happened again after watching a DVD in another room, came back to PC and needed to reboot to get to it.
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    Go here and see if this helps:

    Devices - Allow or Prevent to Wake Up Computer - Windows 7 Help Forums

    And if you want to see a list of devices that are allowed to wake up the computer, see this one:

    Devices - See Devices that are able to Wake Up the Computer - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Windows 8.1 Pro seems to lock when Idle - Black Screen
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