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Lost of DATA by refreshing windows 8...

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    Lost of DATA by refreshing windows 8...

    I got to the office yesterday and the PC, which I left running and working as usually, had in it's screen the common message saying the computer can't boot any device (strange since the computer was running and it's a message hat appears when booting). After trying to reboot it a couple of times, a message saying "...kernel... file is missing... try advance tools..." was shown. I tried to "refresh" the system. Anyway, The thing is that after refreshing I have lost much more than the apps. The apps I can retrieve, It will take me half a day to retrieve almost all of the software, but doable. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE DATA??? I have two drivers on the PC, C: (software) and D: (data), and it looks as if my "D:" driver had been erased or something. I see it but I can't open it (properties say it's empty and before being opened has to be formatted). I don't get it....
    Any help will be much appreciated....

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    Hi there
    since this in an OFFICE don't you have data backups on some server somewhere.
    In any case if it's PRIVATE data you should ALWAYS have backups - it's amazing after all these years and almost DAILY exhortations about backup we still read posts of people losing and trying to recover data.

    I'm amazed too that in these days of Energy efficiency that you ARE allowed to leave a PC on overnight in an office unless it's a server or doing a long running job agreed in advance with office management. Cleaners or anybody could in theory tamper with a PC - but on the whole that is relatively unlikely. Could be a Disk overheated and system crashed.

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    Sounds like you had a power interruption or something overnight. That or what ever happened caused Data corruption on the drive(s). I don't think the refresh messed up the second drive. It might be that the drive itself has failed. I'd let the IT guy sort it out. He or she should have the tools to recover the data if it hasn't been backed up somewhere else.
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    Thanks for the response.
    Since it happened I've been doing research and it seems you are right and the overnight interruption/overheat. I just hope you are right about the second issue, you are not the first to say so.

    You have been very helpful.
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Lost of DATA by refreshing windows 8...
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