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Automatic shutdown and restart after 3 hours

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    Automatic shutdown and restart after 3 hours


    I have a computer which runs all the time i.e 24x7. Is there any way I can schedule computer to shutdown automatically on Sunday evenings for 3 hours and then restart on it's own?

    If there is a way to do it, please let me know. I want whole shutdown, rest for 3 hours and restart to be automatic.


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    I know some bios have an option to power up a PC at a set time , it's under power options , usually named 'resume by alarm' or some such thing.

    You can schedule an auto-shutdown using the task scheduler , someone produced a youtube vid showing how it was done here , probably easier than me explaining it , turn the sound off..the backing music is quite loud...
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    Thanks for links and info. I'll try settings in bios.
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Automatic shutdown and restart after 3 hours
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