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Asus laptop Win8 stuck at Resetting PC 2%, no way out!

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    Asus laptop Win8 stuck at Resetting PC 2%, no way out!

    Asus laptop Win8 stuck at Resetting PC 2%, Only option is hard reset??

    This laptop belongs to my Grandma (87 years old). **She did not make the recovery disk for the computer.**

    I got to the Recovery options and it has been stuck at 2% for about 6 hours. Asus OEM X55C WIN8


    Yesterday I told Grandma I would see what was wrong, but it would bug out, freeze, etc when trying to log into the administrator. The screen would go totally black and then freeze. So, the computer has shut down improperly several times.

    However, it did repair the disk last night before I attempted this recovery.

    Please help me shutdown and start over.

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    Sounds like you need external boot media and start again.

    Not familiar with that model, but I think there a bunch of split wims on the recovery partition.

    Do you have anything to boot up ? If not, do you have another win8 x machine you can use to create boot media?

    Otherwise, you will need to find win8 installation media from somewhere. I have heard Asus don't supply it.
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    Thanks for your quick reply!

    I am in a different place now. i finally just hit the power button and shut it down. I am at the UEFI bios screen So, do I start a new thread or stay here??

    I want to boot from USb or from DVD with UBCD or Hiren's. Actually, once I get booted, from the DVD or USB, I want to run some diagnostics like: memtest and also some hard drive test, etc.

    I looked here: Asus UEFI/BIOS options - How to boot from DVD? - Super User, but I only have ONE boot option: Windows boot manager , How do I get the Other options?

    Click image for larger version

    Please let me know how to proceed from here? Thanks in advance for your help
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    Try pressing the esc key during boot up. That should get you the quick boot menu. If you have a bootable device connected to the PC it should show up on that screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alphanumeric View Post
    Try pressing the esc key during boot up. That should get you the quick boot menu. If you have a bootable device connected to the PC it should show up on that screen.
    Ok, Grandma is on limited income. I am "fairly" computer literate up to Windows 7, but this WIN8 is a pain with all the embedded bios and fastboot and UEFI. ****EDIT*** Forgot to mention I hear a slight clicking sound when the computer is "resetting", I am 99% sure it is the hard drive.

    I contacted support to see if I could get a set of recovery disks and you are correct, they do not provide them! Their Only option was to mail the laptop in for a replacement hard disk and reinstall of Windows 8. Approximate cost $200.00 or more??

    I am trying to find a windows 8 repair disk, I have every repair disk except that one!

    So, do I have any options to test the hard drive or run scandisk or slaving it to WIN7 desktop? It has a Toshiba hard drive which lacks proper testing results (based on others experience). Any help is most appreciated.

    What would you do if you were me?? I do have a Windows 7 pro key that I purchased awhile back, but never used. Any thoughts??
    Thanks again!!
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    Check the hard drive manufacturers web site for a diagnostics utility. They should have something that will make bootable media to test it with.
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    seagates seatools should work on the Toshiba drive
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    Hi All,
    running asus x55a see screenshot for partion details.
    OEM w8 install upgraded to 8.1.

    sure someone will advise as to where/what you need to do.
    i also have asus backup on usb, if wim file required

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails disc part.PNG   recovery parts.PNG  
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    Thanks Hawkman! (sorry about the delay, one of my best friends past away, I sat bedside for weeks)

    Here is where I am now:

    I have Windows 8 repair disk (under UEFI) in now and here are my partitions: And it is sitting at the x: in case the pic is cut off

    Click image for larger version


    I couldn't boot into Windows when I got the computer, I got logged into User, but Windows wouldn't fully load.

    Then I tried the repair and recovery via Windows 8, and got caught in a loop.

    ***NOTE: Then I did something dumb :

    How to repair the EFI Bootloader in Windows 8 | fixedByVonnie

    and followed it verbatim, including using the letter v! Which now I realize was not the correct thing to do. I need to know what i should type via the command prompt!

    Now, my error is:
    Can't boot
    Error code: 0xc000000f


    So, can anyone give me the exact command I should use based on my partitions above??

    I would love to be able to boot into windows 8, clean up any infections and then make the recovery. I think I don't know what I am doing with this new bios and gpt, efi, etc. HELP!

    Thanks so much for your time and patience.
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    P.S. Forgot to mention I bought disk from Neosmart which includes Gparted. But it can't auto fix, so everything has to be done thru the command prompt. I am not good at dos commands.
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Asus laptop Win8 stuck at Resetting PC 2%, no way out!
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