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Need help transferring data from notebook to pc

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    Need help transferring data from notebook to pc

    So my notebook refuses to boot, so I decided this:

    I'll move all the files I want from my notebook to my pc and then do a clean reinstall of windows.

    This is my process and I'm going to do and I want to know if I missed anything:

    1) write down cdkey ( is there a text file somewhere? last I checked the registry and command prompt it shows us empty)
    1.5) change the boot settings
    2) boot from cd with the linux live cd knoppix
    3) buy a bridged usb cable
    4) install driver for cable on both computers (stuffed can be installed even though I boot from a cd right?)
    5) copy files over
    5) download windows 8
    6) burn to cd
    7) do a clean install using the custom option.
    8) install bridged usb cable software on new windows
    9) transfer back data.

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    I suggest , Use flash drive to install windows 8

    I faster than install by using DVD.
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    Does it post?...else you could just fix the bootloader...
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    @neneka: sadly, my pc is 32 bit so I can't run bootsec to make my usb bootable

    @superfly: well, I tried everything to fix it, can't refresh pc, can't system restore, can't auto-repair, tried the command prompt. Anyway, I figure by using this surefire way, I'll be saving lots of time instead of grabbing the the dark.
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    Well after copying your files to another pc, and before doing a clean reinstall,

    1.How about trying to put in your windows cd in the problematic computer and do a upgrade install? ( that might save ur files its just like reinstalling windows but keeping your files as u know it )

    2.Try using Hiren's Boot CD it's a great and free software that boots from the boot menu u have loads of options there, and theres a simple option that runs a mini windows xp, try it i works 80%
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    If the drive is still good. Get a USB SATA case if the drive in the notebook is a SATA drive. Then just plug in and transfer the data from the drive to the desktop that you want to salvage. You will not though be able to salvage programs.

    You could try EaseUS Todo Workstation (paid copy), to see if you can rescue the data off of the drive as an image, so you can reimage back to a new drive.
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    @sri2k: I tried it with an win 8.1 enterprise free trial cd but it said I need to boot up first before it could upgrade, I'll take a look at hiren too, since it's only 500mb I'll give it a try.
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    anyway, though I'd ask this here too:

    Is there some sort of software that can better manage resources so that when something hangs or crashes, it won't bring the whole computer down? (like chrome's multiple process method), because the reason I'm in this predicament is because I force shutdown (the press the power button for seonds) my computer after it hangs.
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    actually is your pc stuck with the boot logo thing? maybe it even could be a prob with the BIOS !
    if so ,
    how about noting down ur BIOS number, etc, and searching for an update online if possible or the same version. doing thins reinstalls ur BIOS.
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Need help transferring data from notebook to pc
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