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Win8 Inheriting Permissions causes ACCESS DENIED with folders.

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    Win8 Inheriting Permissions causes ACCESS DENIED with folders.

    Manage Permission Inheritance in Windows 8 | VISHY Media on technologies and gadgets

    Click image for larger version

    Ever get this message or worse, one that does not have the access button attached? you cannot read it, you cannot look at it and you cannot delete it.

    There are even worse issues where the permissions are GREYED OUT and you cannot do anything to them. (see below for a solution)

    Win8 Consumer Preview has a robust permissions scheme that is more geared towards business users rather than err, consumers.
    An inherited permission means that Win8 set the Permissions on a volume, drive, or folder, that same set of permissions will be applied to all folders underneath it.
    The solution is to ENABLE INHERITANCE to the volume drive or folder to gain access:
    Click image for larger version

    Another solution is to ADD a group called Everyone and give them full control:
    Click image for larger version

    Finally, there will be folders where everything is GREYED out in the permissions tab so it seems to be impossible to make changes. EDIT: Check below to see possible solution!

    This REALLY sucks and the only solution I have found is a reg hack called "Take Ownership"

    Add "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu in Win 7 or Vista - How-To Geek

    Install the reg (right click and install) then right click on the folder or drive and select Take Ownership. That will allow you to go back into permissions and select full read/write controls by users. If anyone knows a better way than this, please comment!
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    Excellent. Thanks for posting.
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    If you want to share the entire drive with everyone you can also use the sharing tab after right clicking the drive select "Properties" then click on the sharing tab, then choose "Advanced Sharing" put a check mark where it says "Share this Folder" then choose "Permissions", then put a check mark where it says "Full Control" and hit the "Apply" button.
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    This is excellent! Thanks for posting, going to save this page and keep it for future reference
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    I MIGHT have a solution for the greyed out permissions. It has to do with changing OWNERSHIP of the folder (which is also what the Take Ownership reg hack does also).

    Windows NTFS Security Permissions grayed out | Windows Certified - A place of IT News and a helpful windows community Forum.

    By selecting PROPERTIES-SECURITY-ADVANCED-CHANGE OWNER button-OBJECT TYPES-{check only groups}-ADVANCED-FIND NOW you get the following drop down list. Whew. Select the Users category.

    That is only the beginning! heh. NOW YOU HAVE TO ADD THE GROUP TO CHANGE PERMISSIONS! Close all the open boxes and once again PROPERTIES-SECURITY-EDIT-ADD-ADVANCED-FIND NOW and select {location}/Users

    NOW you should see that the owner is {Location}/Users, the list contains {Location}/Users and you now can change the permissions!

    Setting up a new User
    Click image for larger version

    Putting the new user on the ownership list
    Click image for larger version

    Add the user to the owners list

    Click image for larger version

    Finally able to change permissions

    Click image for larger version
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    Good day, All.

    After doing many of the solutions listed here I am still unable to access any of my mass storage devices via our network. Any of the 3 partitions on the local drive (C$, D$, E$) are no problem, but all the others give me a permissions error. This only started when I installed Windows 8.

    Things I have done which had no effect; unjoin and rejoin our network domain, reset device permissions, select Nobody in Share, then reshare, and several of the above, like johnpombrio and chev65. Unfortunately these didn't work as well.

    If I'm unable to resolve this access problem I'll be forced to return to Windows 7 Pro x64 because I need access to these drives from all over campus and Win8 isn't currently allowing it.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions you guys can offer.

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    Greyed out Permissions normally indicate that the Permissions have been inherited from somewhere else.
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    I have been beating my head ever since installing Windows 8.

    My problem is uTorrent is having file permission problems once every three days. The permissions are getting reset and the program no longer has access unless I change it back to "Everyone".

    I believe the problem could because my torrent files are saved on the D: drive with personal folders. All of the user files like Pic, Docs, Desktop, Vids are redirected to the D: drive. This is the same setup I had with windows 7 with zero permission problems.

    I just need to know why windows 8 likes to reset the file permissions and lockout program access?
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    It doesn't. I use uTorrent just fine on several different drives. I don't have that problem.

    Permissions don't just magically reset, you must have some software running that is changing them.
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    No there is no software that is doing this.

    You don't think windows is resetting file permissions to protect personal files for another user account that has files on the same drive. Because that is what is happening.

    When I check the permissions my wifes account is displayed where Everyone should be and this only happens when she logins into the computer.
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Win8 Inheriting Permissions causes ACCESS DENIED with folders.
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