So my PC is dead again. Running windows 8.0

Things I tried:

Automatic repair - cannot detect problems
Refresh PC - "There was a problem refreshing your PC"
System restore - you need to enable drive protection
Safe mod - fail
command prompt - sfc /scannow fail

So I'm thinking of doing these steps and I need some advice from you guys if this will work:

1)Download the windows 8.1 enterprise trial
2)go to boot menu
3)Boot from pendrive
4)Do some changes to make windows in C:\ run again
5)change back to default stuff in boot menu

Regarding step 4, what do I need to do?

And why is windows 8 so fragile, my computer hanged and I got impatient so I press the power button 5 seconds to force it to shutdown and this happens.
When I was using windows xp and 7, this never happens and in the 5 years I've been using both, I had probably done this quite a number of times.

Thank you for reading.

And while I'm here, since when has SIW become so obnoxious?
I remember there was a free 2013 home version that runs on my machine fine.
I uninstalled that and installed the latest free version and it says it doesn't support windows 8 and it starts having ads about buying paid versions, which I remember never happens in the old one, no ads nothing.

Oh and it was me trying to run it in compatability settings that got my system hanged and no unbootable.