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No way will PC's die and be replaced by tablets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    IF people were converting video files, which most don't for sure hence why laptops are the norm of computing to be supplemented or superseded by tablets, most likely of which will be Intel/AMD based.

    They do make i7 powered tablets as well as ones with mobile GPUs. This is quite common for laptops. Most people with what's considered high end for laptops don't ever come to understand how a proper ATX system can outperform their laptop. They don't because they'd rather have something powerful yet mobile.

    Well, no.

    I have a very powerful high-end laptop, and yes, I bought it because I wanted a powerful yet mobile (when needed) machine. Although at 17.3 x 11.6 x 1.6 inches and 10.3 lbs with AC adapter, it's not used as a portable that often (I have a smaller Core 2 Duo laptop for that, running Windows 7).
    However, I am more than aware of the difference between it and a 'big' desktop. But I'm prepared to make that trade-off as an experienced and informed very-long-term user, not because I 'don't understand'. I ran desktops exclusively until 2009, and still have a very tricked-up Hyperthreaded P4 I built a few years ago, for some of my older OSes and programs, and for running the printer/scanner etc.

    And no, a tablet simply doesn't cut it, I have one and find I'm using it less and less, not more.

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    Test projector in appropriate lighting conditions.

    I coordinate the 7 volunteers for audio-visual at a 200 member church with 2 volunteers each week. One of our members performs computer repair and put together 3 PCs, a mixer, a video switch and 2 projectors. We once were too cheap (frugal), and the projector was not powerful enough for the lighting conditions so after a few months a more powerful projector was purchased.

    So test a projector with your worst case lighting conditions and the persons with the best and poorest eyesight before purchasing.

    We have collected PC's for tutoring 6th-8th graders. Some PC's are loaned out or given to children to take home. 11 years ago, when my daughter was 5, she came home from school and said she was important, because she was the official computer helper. About 1/3 of the kindergarten children had never seen a mouse. So the teacher had her assist the children, but she could only give them hints and not the answers. So, I encourage people to investigate preschools, schools, charitable organizations, churches, when upgrading their equipment.
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    Hi there


    --Yes I only really tried a tablet for some email and reading -- however a tablet is 100% RUBBISH when it comes to reading in bright light -- I've gone back to my (black and white) e-reader -- while looking much more @old fashioned@ it's the best tool BY FAR for mobile reading and with the nice new Samsung S5 I can do the small amounts of email I want to do and any amount of video "chat / social networking" that I need or want to. I need a laptop for work and at home I really WANT a new desktop type of machine - i'm messing around with HUGE video / other multi media files and could do with a DUAL (or better) PROCESSOR machine - not simply a single multi-core processsor. No way in a tablet would one of these appear. !! It also has to drive SEVERAL very large monitors too.

    The tablet I've given away to a friend's young son -- it was far too limiting a device for me which really wasn't portable enough (compared with a phone) and not good enough for using in bright light for reading etc.

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No way will PC's die and be replaced by tablets
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