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My windows 8 is black

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    Windows 8

    My windows 8 is black

    I need help. The first time my apps, back ground and all the windows I open with google or netflix turned black I had to reinstall windows. That was last month. Last week again. So I refresh it this time. I still took time but not as much. Today again. As I was typing an email. Writing goes yellow or white and the window black.

    Can any one tell me why it does that and how to prevent from happening.
    Also is there an easier way to fix this?


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    windows 8

    Black Screen on Windows 8 occurs mainly due to 3 possible causes:
    For details you may get help of the article:
    How to Fix Windows 8 Black Screen Error at Startup Step by Step
    1. Running old version of Video, audio or USB Driver,
    2. Hard Disc having bad Sector, and
    3. Incompatible Software is installed.
    You will have to check all three causes to find whether which one is affecting your Windows OS. For solution
    1. Check whether you have installed uncompatible software on your PC and if it is then uninstall.
    2. run command chkdsk in command prompt with administrator privilege and see the result. If you are getting error then fix the issue.
    3. Run command sfc/scannow on and check the error you are getting to resolve.
    4. If above given tips don't work download sites utility tool on another PC and burn. Run the dvd on your PC and run HDD Diagnostic to know condition of your hard disk.
    If your system fails in above given solution tips you will have to change your Hard disk.
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My windows 8 is black
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