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Windows 8 Administrator [The Perfect Damaging Loop]

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamf View Post
    sorry but this will not work since he has no administrator right.
    I thought if you boot from install media you don't need to be able to sign on at all to get a command prompt...

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    I thought if you boot from install media you don't need to be able to sign on at all to get a command prompt...
    It's true. However, The command Prompt that you get from the installation media is run under WinPE. It is not the same as the Command Prompt under your current Windows. If you boot from the installation media, with the SHIFT+F10, your command prompt would have a drive X: and under it it will have all the Windows, System32 etc... but it is Windows PE. Now if you boot it from the recovery USB, the command prompt from there is run under your current installed Windows and then you would have to put in the password as you login into Windows. That's why in my post, we need to run the elevated Command Prompt from the installed Windows and the way to get into it without a password or admin right is shown in these screen shots.

    Hope this clears up the confusion.
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    Thanks - It does and your link Deleted admin account in Win 8.1 update. How to restore? is pretty neat
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sectus View Post
    This issue still isn't solved.
    Okay, have you tried accessing your bios menu? Or press the power button on your pc/laptop and hold it down to force when you start it up again it will ask if you want to boot in safe mode and other options.
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Windows 8 Administrator [The Perfect Damaging Loop]
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