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How to remove password on start up?

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    How to remove password on start up?

    I reset my computer to factory out of box settings,
    after the Toshiba logo on start up, I a have a wallpaper that I want to remove,
    when I click on it it brings me to my profile pic (blank) and name, and then it asks for my password.

    How do I get rid of this wallpaer , it also says the date and time on the screen along with this how to get rid of that ? If I click it it brings to a blank pic of me and my outlook email and asks for password .......

    .If I go to that page and do nothing, it goes back to that wallpaper witht the time. I am sure this is a setting that I need to tweak?

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    Well it appears that you will have to put in the password that you set up window 8 with you used your email address and that is the password it is asking for. I don't think you will be able to get past this. It doesn't sound like you actually restored to factory condition as you would have had to set up your main user again?
    Here is how to get rid of the lock screen and boot straight to log on screen its a simple gpedit
    Lock Screen - Enable or Disable in Windows 8
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    Factory Reset

    I did do factory reset, but when it booted up it automatically came to that page, it asked for a Microsoft email. Was there a way I could have gotten around that?

    change of subject if oyu do not mind, I can`t send shortcuts to the dektop as before, it says check to see if disc is full?
    I don`t understand that at all!!

    I was given 2 different ways to do the reset, using the charm barm, or the power and zero buttons.
    I actually used both , I did the power and zero yesterday but I thought I did not do it correctly because my old searches stil showed, so today I went to the charm bar, then to PC settings, then general , scrolled down and used the( Remove everything and reinstall Windows) I clicked that and pop up warns all personal files and apps will be removed and PC settings will be changed back to defaults
    , took about 5 hours
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    Hello lobomoose1,

    If you like, you could use the tutorial below to set Windows to automatically sign in to a user account at startup.

    Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

    Hope this helps,
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    You should also be aware that if you're sharing a computer, and another person signs in, you will have to type in your password again. Fairly annoying if you're working at home (and of course your trust your family).

    A local account is another option, but if you are using Skydrive, it won't update things automatically to your cloud in a local account. You'd have to manually do it. Windows 8 let things update under a local account, but apparently Windows 8.1 and 8.1.1 really want you to use a Microsoft account.
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    Bypass Lock Screen and Password

    I have a Toshiba Satelitte Laptop C855D Windows 8
    I bought it last year and I did a restore or reset whichever it is called now , but I did a complete wipe out and reinstall, out of the factory box........It took hours .

    Fast forward to the Lock Screen, I do not remember how I removed seeing that? I am not tech savy so I do not believe I went into anything to difficult, just a setting perhaps.......Or is it possible to change the picture to all 1 color? maybe if that is so , maybe I just thought I had removed it .

    Next is , it asks for a Microsoft Email, and of course a password. I do remember making one , but also somehow I did not need to use it every time I started my computer . These 2 things are bugging the hell out of me, yes they are minor really, it just bugs me because as of last week, I did not have to sign in and I did not see the Lock Down Screen with the pretty background? I went to the Toshiba wording and it went blank and then to the Start Up Tiles.

    Again, I know I did not going into set up, bios, boot, etc, all those words I do not know and I have never used, not that they have anything to do with my problem, I just mean I only use settings, control panel, etc, simple stuff ......

    So can anyone help me? Please......
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    Did you try what I posted above?
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    I reset the laptop, said No to Microsoft Account, and when it asked what I wanted as a name, I put Steve D and I did not put in a password........So on start up, the lock screen or screen lock was gone and it did not have me sign in !!!
    I am all good now!!!........I knew I had done it last year when I bought it, I just couldn`t rember how I did it.
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How to remove password on start up?
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