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PC Freeze while playing games (league of legends) No BSOD

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    PC Freeze while playing games (league of legends) No BSOD

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

    I hope you can help me with the problem I am facing:

    So I bought this new desktop PC around 6 months ago. Since I am a passionate gamer I got the games I like to pay and just got going.

    Every once in a while my PC just freezes (usually while gaming, sometimes even when not). It doesnt reboot or anything, it just stays frozen.

    Hope someone can help me with my Problem


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    If you are running AMD graphics drivers this is your answer. League of Legends is one of the games in an extensive listing of games that AMD asks if you're running when graphics drivers crashes. I don't play those types of games...but I just got a new computer 4 months ago which runs AMD HD radeon 8400 graphics. After a couple automatic driver updates to the current version 13.12 I began having random driver crashes while streaming online tv. I began exploring the internet & there's loads of information documenting this problem which is a pandemic that plagues AMD Radeon graphics in all chipset series from the 5200-7975...To date there is no fix...AMD (if that's the graphics card in your system) has a reporting form on their website for you to log the crash report...they ask for all system specs be submitted. I think they're compiling data so that a fix (or patch) can be designed....until then, the freezes [what my computer does...locks up, everything freezes & once I got black screen] will continue to happen. I guess you just sort of have to put up with it or get the graphics card replaced with some other architecture (branding). I did find info. with a few complaints about intels i3 graphics also having glitches. I'm sort of regretting having gone with the AMD, I knew nothing of this in my purchase decision. There was nothing to indicate there was an extensive flaw in the update for the drivers. I wish I could "roll back" the driver but don't find that option in these new systems [unlike in Windows XP]. I even went through my warranty tech support who did a reinstall of the drivers for me but it didn't rectify the problem...& the AMD website is useless because their DIY tech support refers to reinstalling the graphics drivers but the version on their website are the ones causing the problem.
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    I'm not a tech guru Saphira...but I know this little bit from going through it myself & then looking at forums which are discussing these graphics crashes. My computer has a "self recovery" feature....occassionally the drivers will automatically recover but more often not. In my explorations I've come across literature about the AMD radeon graphics & "clocking". They talk about a stress test & finding the specs that tell you your maximum clock speed. There's ways (I guess) to tweak & twerk the clocking...this is supposed to help stabilize the drivers. There's also something to do with a software download called MSI afterburner but I forget what that's supposed to do [you could google it & read up on it]. I'm too afraid to go tinkering & begin doing 'clocking' tests & trying to adjust clock settings for fear of screwing something up beyond reproach...then I'd be really stuck.
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  4. #4 it is. League of Legends is listed as one of the games. I don't see on this reporting form but I recall reading about the NVIDIA graphics being the other one [in addition to AMD HD radeon] that keeps having the driver's a bug we can't do anything about unless AMD comes up with a solution & then we can update our drivers to the 'stable' version or you have to replace your graphics card to something else that accompany's stable drivers to avoid all crashes.
    you need to report the issues to the manufacturer....AMD Issue Reporting Form for AMD Catalyst? 13.12 for Desktop Radeon? Products
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    Hey there!

    Thanks for your answers

    I checked wich graphics card I am using and it is:

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 650

    So I assume the AMD Issue thing is not the reason o:
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    Hi Saphira...I realize your graphics card is not the AMD. I was using that as an example...I didn't recall where I'd seen the Nividia GeForce GTX mentioned & users are also having frustrations with graphics driver crashes...anyways, just to sort of support this facet that what is happening to your system is most likely the graphics drivers crashing...I have copied the link which shows several search results about the Nividia Geforce GTX & crashes. Their may or may not be some solutions or useable information in there that you can apply to a fix, or finding an alternative...I don't know. One of the websites listed here that I like (I find their results right on target & resolves usually easy to follow) is Toms Hardware. Good luck!
    nividia geforce GTX 650 driver crashes - Yahoo Canada Search Results
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PC Freeze while playing games (league of legends) No BSOD
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