Hi i have a several problema whith my compaq 18-4004la first i install bitdefender is 2014 and have a several perfomance problema and i uninstall it whith control panel and the removal tool oficial removal tool from bd. The resque mode of bd initializes before Windows Reading this fórum and anothers first i use easy bcd and delete bd entry from bcd and the computer starts like have two systems installed and only let select Windows 8.1 and the recovery options. That screen appears from one second or less. I rebulid bcd and loss acces to os because easy bcd and i use Windows 8.1 recovery cd and type the comand bootrec /rebuildbcd it founds Windows installation and all appear to goes normal i format computer again and try whith too many security software qihoo avast webroot etc. I decide format again but appears a error /efi / xcopyx can not be read please use check disk comand but that partition are hidden. I use a Windows 8.1 recovery cd and i assig a letter o unhide partition and check disk /f /r and try to format again and all Works normal no issues i hide partitions affter check disk. My worry are that

1 Bios are corrupted? how can check?
2 How to check boot are in order?
3 Am I doing good to checkdisk partition unhide and hide them again?
4 If the final format recovrery dont present errors i can stay whith peace on mind?

Sorry for my bad english and hope you help me I can solve that problems whith the tutorials of this fórum but the point 4 and point 1 worries me too much i hope you help me and good bless you beauty comunity if you need more details ask me