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I return my PC to 7

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    I return my PC to 7

    Well, with some problems with the Metro Apps crashing and finally the system hanging, I restore Windows 7 from my WHS 2011 server. I will use Windows 8 only in VM . Here so far what I like and dislike from 8
    Like; Spelling corrector in IE 10, Task Manager, Mail ( metro) , can mount an ISO., start page for group all the apps
    What I dislike; have to use key shortcut, Backup not working with WHS 2011, No start button, Not stable. Start page not enough configurable. Canít log on certain forum.
    Ok some problems are due to the fact that itís not a final product; itís not ready (and not intend) for production work, so I will keep it in VM.

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    I dont find it that unstable, but lets face it MS has to build this for a wide variety of machines, some going back many years. I couldnt care less about the start button, its just a new way of working. I have also found a couple of small bugs on forums where the screen hasnt displayed exactly right, but nothing too major. My DVD drive didnt show up on the first day but with an update it worked again.
    There are some bugs which is to be expected, thats why they hand out the CP, I'm sure over the coming weeks things will get fixed, in the meantime , I'm enjoying the new OS.
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    Right on with the start button. I am not a user, but I understand it is even an oft commented feature of Linux distributions!
    There have been several posts here, on substituting the Metro for Vista start Menu or vistart. There was a rave about the similarity of Vistart to the old menu - particularly that magic button. I tried both and, in the ned was unimpressed by the lack of customisable options in Vistart. Vista Start menu is infinitely customisable but, Oh dear, It doesn't reproduce the button. It is necessary to click another icon on the desktop!!
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I return my PC to 7
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