Hello All,

I am new to EightForums, have been researching to find a fix to a similar problem. I have an ASUS S56C ultrabook that has an original 500GB + 24GB(SSD) that was originally running Win 8.0 64bit that was hosed by following instructions from ASUS tech support and now they have no media to do reinstall. When I say hosed, I mean on boot the laptop is looking for an OS. My last step performed with guidance from ASUS was to create a USB with their ASUS Backtracker Software. Upon bootup from this USB it goes through the motions where it initialized the hardrive then went to restore an image but it could not find image on the flash drive. When I search the original hard drive utilizing Ubuntu live CD I can see main directories but I cannot see anything below them. When I mount the created flash USB I do see folders: BOOT | EFI | en-US | RECOVERY | RecoveryImage | Sources. Under RECOVERY there is a WindowsRE folder and a winre.wim file (329mb). Under RecoveryImage are asus.swm ; asus2.swm ; asus3.swm and asus4.swm

I have access to 32 bit machines running Windows Vista and Ubuntu 12.04LTS and I read SIW2's procedure from this page Unable to use built-in ASUS recovery partition. Obviously, I cannot move forward with 64 bit version.

Any suggestions and/or directions would be greatly appreciated.