I've been lurking this forum for a bit now, and I've decided to post a thread of my own. I've been having this issue for a while now, and cannot bear it any longer. My most sincere apologies if this is in the wrong board/forum/section. I would really appreciate any replies anyone has. I am desperate, I need this fixed and everything I've tried has been futile.

The Problem?
After I select "Windows Boot Manager" from the GRUB 2 boot menu, I see the Windows logo and that little loading image like normal, but then when I get to the screen that should be the sign-in page with my picture password or text password box, all I see is black and my cursor. I describe this a bit more further in the thread.

A Little Backstory:
I have patched my system with a theme patcher. Perhaps it should be noted that I had two installed, and removed one. I'm really not sure if this is relevant at all, but I think it may be causing conflicts.
I have an 8.1 Pro key (will PM to any staff or respected members for proof), but at the time of installation, I could not find it, so I had patched my system with KMS.
I dual-boot Ubuntu 13.10 using GRUB 2, although I'm almost sure this isn't the culprit as these problems started much later.

Other Things to be Noted:
I am able to access a few things while I am in this black screen, these include:
Win + P to access the projector options, although I ONLY see a blue (the personal color I've chosen for modern bits) bar with the appropriate width. No buttons, nothing else.
Narrator, if I press the Narrator shortcut keys on my keyboard; although I cannot see its window, I can hear it.
On-screen keyboard, magnifier, and that. But I can actually see these windows on top of the black.
The classic version of alt+tab. One item is labeled "Windows sign-in", and anything else I have open (on-screen keyboard, etc.)
Every few moments, I'll see the WiFi icon (connected, if that helps) flash for a fraction of a second in its appropriate position on the screen (bottom left).
If I don't move the cursor for a few seconds, it will disappear. If I move it again, it'll re-appear. BUT if I click the left mouse button, then leave the mouse for a few seconds, it'll just stay right there where it is. I think this means that I was at the sort of "cover page" that you get before you click anything to reveal the password field and such.


Thank you very much, Eight Forums, I look forward to reading any replies I get.
Sorry I cannot provide any logs or such, I am unable to get any further than this black screen at the moment.