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Acer Aspire 6935 upgrade to Windows 8, having a few issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by popeye View Post
    Just saying that IS old for laptops. I know on my Acer laptops the function keys are a combo of BIOS and drivers. Was trying to provide relevant info is all.
    Sorry, Popeye . . . I was trying make a joke because four years is old for any computer, although a whole bunch of us have to make do with what we have, old or not.

    Also, what with UEFI coming into its own now (seems to have been around longer than I knew), BIOS are no longer a simple thing.

    Speaking of BIOS, do you think there won't be an upgrade to legacy BIOS? I think even my more than four years old HP laptop has UEFI which is not active.

    Also, if UEFI is available in his lappy, do you think that if he changes to UEFI, the situation could solve itself?

    Again, I apologize. I did not mean to belittle your helpful post. Methinks this is a case of one should "engage brain before applying fingers to keyboard".

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    Hey Wynona, I did think the dog years things was funny. Some old dogs hunt just fine.
    No apology needed. I was only trying to say some older machines play well with 8 and some don't.

    My head is still scrambled with the UEFI thing to be honest. I doubt the manufacturers will do anything to upgrade older legacy machines. I also thought it requires more chip memory or a separate chip entirely.

    I'd be real surprised if his lappy is UEFI capable. Then again, I'm kind of an old fart and have been surprised before.
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    Well, some systems will 'run fine' with the generic drivers that come with Windows. But they won't run as smooth as the drivers from the manufacturer that have been updated. That's been true for many older versions of Windows beside Windows 8.

    It's all about whether or not your system manufacturer is going to go back and update drivers for certain systems. Four years may not seem to be a lot, but it's closer to dog years than human. After all, touchscreens have been out for over a dozen years, but they are substantially different now. My Acer desktop display is only 2 touch and I don't ever expect any new drivers for it.

    But we are talking about chipset drivers, lan drivers, wlan drivers, video drivers, etc, etc. And if we're talking about a laptop, every single driver is probably released by the manufacturer. All this works great until a completely new version of an OS comes out, like Windows 8. Then the manufacture decides to update older drivers or not. Most likely, they concentrate on their new systems that are being sold with the new OS.

    Depending on how brave you are, sometimes you can download the drivers for a newer model of system and try installing them. If you compare the chipset that is installed and it matches or is a close relative (for example, a 'g' version instead of the newer 'f' version), you might be able to use the verified new driver.

    But be careful, and test, test, test. Do one update at a time and make sure you can do a system restore to the OS configuration you knows was working with generic drivers.

    Good luck,

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Acer Aspire 6935 upgrade to Windows 8, having a few issues
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