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Windows 7 vs Windows 8 System Capabilities Comparison

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    Windows 7 vs Windows 8 System Capabilities Comparison

    Hello - my boyfriend is currently running Windows 8 on his laptop, which is less than a year old. He's been having all kinds of OS related issues and his frustration is starting to drive me insane. I've offered to buy him a copy of Windows 7 and do most of the work to reinstall/transfer but he said that he doesn't want to try 7 because he thinks it's less capable of handling his gaming/powerful than 8 is.

    Is this true? For reference, he plays League of Legends, Starcraft, and Hearthstone on an MSI laptop and is very good about keeping his everything ventilated and cooled.

    I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don't know much about computers and I just want peace restored in my house.

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, girlwithsixarms.

    Yes, it is a more efficient OS for anything. It uses less what is called resources to implement operations. Games are very heavy on resources.

    What kind of problems is he having? Does it freeze up? Red or blue screens?
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    It freezes up, mostly during games I think - and when it does sometimes task manager also won't load. Most recently he had issues with the metro screen freezing after startup and being unable to do anything but a hard restart. Also, I think there are issues about logging out/shutting down and the computer can't sleep or hibernate properly. I don't know what color the screens are - I think the display stays normal, but there isn't any functionality.
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    In addition to Hippsiegypsie's thoughts, I offer the following for your review and consideration:

    Did the laptop come with Windows 8 installed or did he upgrade?
    Did the laptop ever game properly?
    Does it freeze when playing offline as well as online?
    Is it possible the laptop might not be powerful enough for gaming?
    (providing his laptop make/model would help)
    Are you certain there are no heat issues?
    (check the Event Viewer for ACPI thermal event warning logs or just monitor temps)
    Has he considered upgrading to Windows 8.1 to see if that cures any gaming issues?

    At this point, I think there is much to explore before making any decision to try Win 7.
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    You may find this interesting - it appears there is little difference one way or the other for most games..

    With A Couple Of Exceptions, Gaming on Windows 8 Is A Similar Experience - Windows 8 Versus Windows 7: Game Performance, Benchmarked
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    SpringUpdate - it's definitely powerful enough for gaming! He's running an MSI GE70 that's only six months old. As to the cooling, he used the 'extra-loud mode' on the computer's fan system, and has the computer on feet as well as a backup desk fan for warm weather so it's definitely cool. The laptop came with 8 and the freezing has only begun in the past month or two but the other issues have been consistent since the beginning. Unfortunately I have no comparison between on and offline gaming because he only games online these days. At the moment he's reluctant to try 8.1 because it lacks the restore point.
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    Ok, thank you for your response and you assurance that all is well with the gaming specs; however, from my limited experience, many "gaming" laptops are not capable of running every game without issue. So, I looked up your specs, and if you have the one with the NVIDIA 660M discrete graphics solution, your Passmark 3D scores would indicate it cannot run "all" games without issue:

    Click image for larger version

    Here's how your GPU compares with other top of the line solutions:

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    You can also do an additional game-specific check by using this site to verify his laptop does meet the requirements for all the games in question:

    Can You RUN It | Can I run that game | Game system requirements

    Good luck with your other issue as well.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    Before reverting back to W7 why not see if the latest W8.1 update 1 fixes a lot of W8 problems. The problem now with people posting problems and specifying a "Generic W8" it's impossible to say whether they are using the original W8, W8.1 or the update to W8.1 W8.1 update 1 (they perhaps should have called it Sp1 as it seems more like a Service pack than anything else).

    The original W8 had loads of errors and missing drivers -- I'd suggest the latest W8.1 is streets ahead and worth a try before giving up.

    @Posters - please state whether W8 or W8.1 in the problems as there is now a big difference in the behaviour of these two versions.

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    Looks like you're in good hands with SpringUdate, girlwithsixarms. Howerver I'll keep an eye on the thread.

    The only thing to add in your overall dilemma is if he is a serious gamer he would be better off with a gaming tower PC if affordable.

    BTW, isn't love grand? Good luck to you two.
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    Good advice and oh so true, Jimbo. I can understand why new members wouldn't want to fill out total profile, but should have to fill out specs to join.

    That is by no means directly aimed at you, girlwithsixarms.
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Windows 7 vs Windows 8 System Capabilities Comparison
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