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Keep being prompted to repair drive errors, won't repair

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    Keep being prompted to repair drive errors, won't repair

    Hi everyone. I run W8.1. In my windows alerts, almost every time my computer runs for more than 5 minutes, I'm prompted to scan and repair driver errors. I usually just ignore it at this point, but every time my computer reboots, it runs chkdsk and it only lasts about one second. It says: "Scanning and repairing drive (\\?\Volume(insert very, very long list of characters here): 100%. And shortly after the computer boots through that, it prompts me again to scan and repair errors. Additionally, it won't let me defrag. I haven't forced a defrag through CMD, but when I try to do it through Run, the system32 box appears for a millisecond and disappears. And from the alerts icon, if I click on the Flag, "Scan drive for errors" is on there, and if I click on that, it goes grey and a clock appears on top of the message, and it never actually does anything.

    All of this seems pretty strange. Anyone have any idea what's going on?


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    I would suggest you download from your hard drives manufacture their tool for checking your hard drive it could be failing.
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    Thanks for the suggestion! I just ran a diagnostic, and both my regular hard drive and SSD passed. Anyone else have any ideas?
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    For the HDD, you can use the repair tools on Hire's Boot cd, under Hard Drive Tools, depending on the make you can use GWscan (For Seagate or WD drives). For the SSD< you have to use the tools from the manufacturer. Or, just download GWscan from Google, and set up a Boot CD for it. If you have a Hitachi or Toshiba drive, you'll have to use their tools.

    If you have a Windows 7 or 8 install disk, you can start an install and go into the command prompt, run CHKDSK on the HDD. I don't think it helps much on an SSD, but you can try it. It would be best to use the CHKDSK form a Windows 8/9.1 Install disk, you can find them on the net, legit copies to use tor repairing.
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    You could be in danger of having your private data lifted!
    Currently, there are many sites with a popup advising you that errors have been detected on you HD, and inviting you to a free scan and repair. Avoid them all!
    But, you may have accidentally incorporated one in your start up sequence. Have a look in the task manager - startup tab and see if you can spot anything suspicious there.
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Keep being prompted to repair drive errors, won't repair
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