I had some problems with BAT files not executing properly - it keeps telling me that it can not find files to copy. It is the same BAT file that works under all versions of Windows.
I have discovered that when I start the BAT file as Administrator, the default folder that should be the current folder somehow changes to Windows\System folder. Hey MICROSOFT, what's up?
Create simple bat file called TEST.BAT, inside it is simple command to copy it's self to another drive or folder and then delete it from that location followed by "Pause"

rem created folder TEST
rem copy this BAT file to that folder
Copy Test.bat c:\TEST
rem clean up delete the file
del c:\TEST\TEST.bat
rem delete the folder
RD c:\test
rem pause so you could see the results

If the above example is executed normally, all is fine but since I need to copy file to a protected area such as the "Program Files" folder, normal copy will create Access Denied error and this is why I need to use the Administrator privilege and that is where the problem starts.


The second problem is strange also; I changed my default user folders location to a server. Everything works fine but "DESKTOP" location. Installers that look for the desktop location (usually to place a shortcut to the program being installed, do not find it and I get error indicating that. I do not have it on front of me but I think the error was "missing userdesktop".


The next error is really bad in my case...often, moving my mouse to the corners where the Metro can be started from desktop locks my PC for up to 30 seconds. Not every time but often.