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Slow loading folders in Windows Explorer

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    I have that update installed(KB2962409), but it is still loading slowly.
    This never happened on Win7 or XP, I have had this issue ever since I changed to Win8, I don't understand why they totally ruined their file explorer.
    When I click on a folder, I should not be waiting for anything.

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    Here's a solution for this problem. It just now worked for me.Looking at Event Viewer, there were a lot of errors along the lines of 'waiting for Windows Search'.I disabled the Windows Search service.Straight away, my system was back to 'normal'. (I appreciate not everyone will want to disable Windows Search)
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    Google pointed me here. Just wanted to say thanks for helping resolve this ongoing issue. Removed the update and problem is corrected.

    Question; is this update that's causing the issue necessary for any major reason?
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    Hi !

    I don't have any issues with latest version of Windows 8.1, so strange, that you still have this issues with that update installed.
    That was quite some time ago now and i believe that this was already fixed, but ofcourse, hard to say, cause there isn't single computer the same (configuration, system... ).
    But like i said, i have two different computer with Windows 8.1 installed, both with latest updates installed and works fine.

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    Yeah it should be fixed, though sometimes the ide, sata, or SAS made a huge difference in time speed.

    These drivers I got on the dell website. At first it didn't notice, my new computer was faster enough.

    But a huge difference was made.. Otherwise how about deleting and rebuilding folder indexes, as well as adding every partition you have files on to the index?

    These two things I always domafterr fresh install. Chip set driver-s- adding all older files to index right away.
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    Actually it didn't correct the issue as it reappeared. I did a restore from last month and when Windows Update gave all those optional ones to update I chose not to this time. So far everything is back normal. I felt one of those might have been the culprit.

    What was happening is I could click to open a Windows Folder; This PC, Control Panel, My Documents, etc. and It'd take like 5 minutes before they'd all open, at once. Any non Windows application would work fine.
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    Windows 8

    So even after the Restore the problem came back. Just did a full Image Recovery from a System Backup and its corrected now as well as another issue of Flash video pausing during playback.
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    Stopping and disabling Windows Search seems (so far) to have fixed this for me. About to reboot and test some more.

    Edit: Stopping Windows Search definitely fixed the slow loading of folders. Just rebooted and every folder I open is almost instant now, like it was when I first got Windows 8.
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    Windows 8

    This has become very annoying! Seems that everything works as normal since apply the Image Backup but after preforming the latest round of the Window Updates its happening again. I didn't install the Optional Updates package, just the Critical Updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gnphiker View Post
    This has become very annoying! Seems that everything works as normal since apply the Image Backup but after preforming the latest round of the Window Updates its happening again. I didn't install the Optional Updates package, just the Critical Updates.
    It's a longshot, but try running-

    Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


    sfc /scannow

    in admin cmd prompts & reboot afterwards.
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Slow loading folders in Windows Explorer
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