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Windows 8.1 Problem with application preview from taskbar

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    Windows 8.1 Problem with application preview from taskbar

    Hi, recently I installed latest Windows 8.1 update (Update 1/Spring update), and later latest Beta Nvidia driver. After that, an strange problem showed up, which is annoying and hard to explain (especially with my poor English ). I recorded a video which represents it (look at the thumbnail 'hiding' under the previewed application )

    I'm using UxStyle and this theme: Windows 8.1 White Titlebar Dark theme by x0lis on deviantART
    I tried:
    • Uninstalling UxStyle and theme
    • Installing 'normal' Nvidia driver
    • Doing sfc /scannow but it didn't find anything particular (something about prncacla.inf, but I don't think that this causes this problem)
    • Scanning system with antivirus (KIS 2014)
    • Turning off and on option 'Enable preview' in Advanced setting -> Performance
    • Changing theme to other
    • Searching about this in Google and this forum, but I didn't find anything similar

    but nothing worked.
    Well I didn't tried uninstalling Update 1, but I would like to avoid that. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong?

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    Aero Peek is what you are talking about. Your problem is with the third party software for the theme.
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    But before Update everything worked fine. As I said, uninstalling third party theme and UxStyle, and changing theme to default didn't fixed my problem.
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    Just here to say I have this same problem on both my laptop and desktop which share no common hardware, not even video card provider (1 is AMD, 1 is nVidia). There is no theming software installed on either PC. Curiously, this does not occur if mousing over a metro app's icon, so I think it may be caused by that functionality in the new W8.1 update. Really annoying though. I'm happy to test some stuff if anyone has any ideas.
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    Hi, after few weeks I found out what causes the problem. It's Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 ( "Polish edition")... Kaspersky turned off (completely), Aero Peek works fine, Kaspersky turned on, problem returns. I have no idea how can KIS be responsible for the malfunction of Aero Peek. Any ideas?
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    Confirmed: Kaspersky causes this on my machine

    I have a new Sony Vaio Flip 13 with this exact same problem. Turning off "peek" (search "visual effects" and unclick "peek") will partially solve the problem but then you don't have peek.

    The notebook came with Kaspersky installed and as the other poster noted, if it is turned off, the problem goes away. The version installed on the Vaio by Sony is Kaspersky
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    Know issue according to Kaspersky forum thread (see below)

    Kaspersky Forum Discussion of this issue: Windows 8.1 Update 1 Aero Peek problem - Kaspersky Lab Forum

    Quote from 7/30/14 Kaspersky Post on Kaspersky Forum:

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    Unfortunately, this problem is still being investigated.

    We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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Windows 8.1 Problem with application preview from taskbar
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