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Deleted PATH and System Restore Error

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    Budapest ATM
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    Deleted PATH and System Restore Error. Please help

    I'll just assume that we have all seen this post, or had the issue our selves, at some point. I too was not lazy about this and searched Google, bing, and every forum on earth (including this one) for a solution. I was told, WRONGLY of course, by a web site that the Environment Variable PATH(all caps) was different than path(all lower-case), SO, trying to force Java to work for the android SDK, I added a PATH/blah/blah/blah/java stuff. Which, of course, ended up re-writing the original path(lower-case) that existed. NOW, I am freaking out because I have no issues yet but have a strong feeling one day my new laptop will commit suicide because of this issue. I have tried Recovery at least 10 times. I tried once after I caused the issue. Then googled harder. I have completely uninstalled (using the McAfee tool) my trial of McAfee, I uninstalled Avast(first manually, then using their tool and deleting the registry for it), I went as far as uninstalling CCleaner and Malwarebytes to make sure it was not them. I tried Recovery in Safe Mode, in Clean Boot mode, and then tried the two together! Still, I cannot seem to get a System Restore to work. This laptop (asus) was "owned" by another person for a month before me. They started it, looked at, couldn't figure it out (older person), and gave it to me.

    When I do the Recovery (system restore) I get the whole-

    Recovery Unsuccessful error 0x80070005, a file could not be found, that it may be an AV program stopping it.

    I also know that this is just a cop-out by Microsoft and that the issue can be caused by nearly anything. I've tried everything I can think of. I was about to use the Refresh or (cant remember name) Remove all Files And Reinstall Windows options, but of course this laptop didn't come with a Windows 8 disc, so I was too scared to try. Any help would be amazingly appreciated before I call the "expert" up to fix it for me. I am computer literate, but only to a point. If you share any advanced options, I must ask, that you are very detailed in your descriptions to help me.

    Hoping for a fix, but to be honest, from searching for 6 hours, I have my doubts.

    Just as a side, the path variable was not the standard windows 8 variable, it contained something about /intel/ and a bunch of stuff I didn't read closely. And I have learned my lesson. So if i can get help with a working System Restore or a simple enough to understand ISO download and reinstall, either is fine. I've only had the computer for 2 days and am happy to just re-download everything o have on it. Thanks in advance.

    Sorry if double post, internet froze.

    EDIT- For some reason the latop only had a single restore point, yesterday after i installed Avast, just after i updated to 8.1. I assumed it would have created one earlier since it was owned for a month prior but it did not.
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    You can give this a try.

    Look in C:\Windows\System32\config. That's where the registry files are located:


    I don't know where environment variables are kept but you could try the following:
    Look at the date of the registry file in C:\Windows\System32\config\regback. If they are dated before you messed up the path variable then:

    rename C:\Windows\System32\config\system system-old
    copy C:\Windows\System32\config\regback\system C:\Windows\System32\config

    Reboot and see if that fixed it. If not, put system back then try software, then security then sam then default. One of them should fix the problem. Once you have it fixed, copy the path Environment Variable info then put back the registry file you replaced to the original (-old) version, reboot then fix the path variable.

    Note: You may have to do this from the WinRE environment by booting a Windows 8 or 8.1 install DVD or flash drive as the files may be locked (in use) when booted from C:.
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    Budapest ATM
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    windows 8.1

    Thanks for the tip. The issue seemed to be that the restore point, the only one available, was broken. Luckily after a day and a half of talking to customer service and tech friends I was able to find the original Path and just replaced it and all is well.

    Thank you a lot for your reply.
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    This is a good tine to start doing image backups so you never have to worry about things like this again.
    Get an external hard drive then use a program like Macrium Reflect Free to do the backups.
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Deleted PATH and System Restore Error
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