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Can I configure to create a restore point every night?

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    Can I configure to create a restore point every night?

    I just noticed I only have 3 restore points (2 of which I created myself). I would like to have many restore points to go back to (a few weeks or so). Is it possible for me to configure this somewhere? Thanks.

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    Yes..... I've been doing it, forever.
    I run a little script in my Startup folder, so every time I boot up or REBOOT, I get a new Restore Point.
    You can download the script, here:

    Put it away somewhere safe and just put a shortcut to it in your Startup Folder.
    Well, that's the way I run it anyway. Or just click on it anytime you want to make a new Restore Point.

    Cheers mate!
    PS: I don't take any credit for that was written by a man much smarter than I.
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    A better idea is to schedule an image every night or in the morning at startup. Restore points you do not control and they are very volatile - they often disappear without any apparent reason. And if your disk goes south, they don't help you a bit. Images to e.g. an external disk which you manage 100% yourself - and you can recover even when the disk fails..
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    Really no need. You just need to have them done when installing or removing software. You can do a backup every night if you wish, if you do a lot of documents. If it is just checking emails, browsing the Internet. A one time image of the drive when you install Windows 8.x.x. Then maybe another one in three months due to changes.

    Documents, pictures, music, videos. Save a copy on a NAS and in a cloud drive. I keep nothing locally on my machines. Everything is on a NAS & a family Owncloud drive.
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Can I configure to create a restore point every night?
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