Just got a new laptop (HP Envy) win8.1/64 and one thing annoys me about using it as a desktop. I can't turn it on without lifting the lid (to press the power button). I have an external mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

On my old Dell, the docking station had a power button that I just pressed. Never opened it up except when I was mobile and really using it as a laptop.

I want to do something like that here. Unfortunately HP doesn't have a dedicated docking station and non of the universal ones seem to do that. I'd be as happy waking from S5 via my keyboard or mouse.

I know nothing about UEFI and modern boot stuff. Is there anything in there that would help do this? Or any suggestions on how to get this thing turned on without opening the lid.

If I can't figure out how to do this, I guess I'll end up using suspend a lot more but would rather power it down at the end of the day.