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File permissions issues

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    File permissions issues

    For whatever reason, the default account reports that it is an admin account, but it doesn't always act like it.

    I have 3 SATA drives, each partitioned in 2 (all NTFS), C/D, E/F and G/H. C had Windows 7 installed on it and it was running fine. I tried the CP in Virtualbox when it was released and decided to do a clean install. Imaged my 7 drive elsewhere and booted up 8 from USB. I ran through the installer and created a local account (not the Live/Hotmail/Email option). In User Accounts it reports as Admin in the same way as Windows 7. First thing I did (as always) was to disable UAC and reboot.

    I tried using CMD to disable hibernation with 'powercfg -h off' but it was rejected due to requiring elevated access. Same deal for any Powershell commands. Then I installed WinRAR and tried extracting an existing archive on E, but that failed due to lack of permissions. Navigated to 'Program Files' and tried making a new text file but it wasn't even an option, only 'Folder' was given. Same deal with the AppData folder. Next I installed KMPlayer and tried adding media files from G to a playlist but it was blocked, so I tried changing settings. They changed fine while I had the player opened, but when I restarted it they had reset (the ini file in the program folder wasn't being written to).

    I went back and performed a clean install of 7 on C with the same options as 8 and everything I tried worked. Another format of C and then installed 8 again, same problems. The account says admin but it's acting like a regular user account. That said, I can take control of drives and files if I go through the 'Properties > Security' dialogs, and if I explicitly run programs with 'Run as administrator' then they behave as normal, but I shouldn't have to do this.

    Does 8 have an extra security layer that 7 doesn't? Can anyone else run something like 'powercfg -h off' without being blocked?

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    gavin19, I have also noticed similar file permission issues. It seems as if an admin account in Windows 8 doesnt have the same default powers that an admin in Windows 7 does. I am also using a local account with UAC disabled. I was able to get 'powercfg -h off' to run by using an elevated command prompt. One simple way to access that is to right click in the lower left corner where the start screen is accessed. There you get a whole menu of commands like event viewer, device manager, and disk management to name a few.
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File permissions issues
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