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Windows 8.1 fan problem

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    After futzing with lots of stuff last night, woke up this morning to a boot of these temps

    If these stay here, we will be in good shape. Also noticing the my frequency is dropping down to 800Mhz...which yesterday at work and at home was always pinned around 3000Mhz. Hopefully one of my 10 zillion changes licked this problem. Problem is, I won't know which one it was.

    Its been running now for 15 minutes or so, did a few things on it. Seems like my idle temps are hovering between 46-52C. Frequency is still dropping quickly back to 800Mhz after any load.

    One of the things i did last night was take my BIOS back down to A05 from A07. With that BIOS, the fans started at 4,500RPM and were louder. I then flashed the BIOS again to A07. So, maybe that helped somehow.
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    Ok, issue is finally resolved.

    If I installed Windows 8.0 Pro to the laptop, the fan would run, but less frequently and never as fast or loud and as soon as loud was reduced it would right back down.

    If I installed Windows 8.1 Pro to the laptop, the fan would kick in much faster, and would ramp up much faster and seemed like it would take forever to slow back down or shut off. Also noticed that if I ran something like CoreTemp64 or speccy, that my CPU frequency was at 2800Mhz-3200Mhz pretty much all of the time. It would never fall back down to 800Mhz. So, it appeared that Intel Speed Step wasnít working well.

    So, I noticed that Dell doesnít offer the standard Intel Chipset Utility under the Windows 8 or 8.1 offering on the 6430u. So, I went straight to Intel and downloaded it from there. Installed it and it didnít seem to make a big difference.

    However, after installing the Intel Chipset, I took and went BACK to BIOS A05 from Dell, which resulted in faster and louder spinning fans. Then, immediately upgraded again to BIOS A07. The fans quieted down. AND Intel Speed step seemed to be functioning properly once again and the fans have been quiet ever since. They come on when they need to, and shut off quickly once the load goes away and are practically silent at their normal operating speed.

    So, to recap
    1). I took Windows 8.0 Pro which had been running great.
    2). Upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro via MS Store and this moved me not only to 8.1, but 8.1 Update 1
    3). With the fans acting up, I updated from BIOS A06 to A07 which didnít resolve issue.
    4). I updated the Alps Multi-touch driver, Display Link driver, Intel Rapid Storage Driver, Intel Mgt Agent, the wireless driver, the LAN driver, the card reader driver, the Intel video driver, and the dell feature pack and none resolved the issue
    5). I installed the Intel Chipset utility straight from Intel. Still had problem.
    6). I flashed BIOS back to A05 and then back to A07.

    Fans are now working normally.
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    Windows 8.1

    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Sorry, not getting a laptop cooler pad. I carry this laptop from home to work everyday and I move around the office all day long at work.

    It's definitely Windows 8.1 that is causing my problem. While my temps are much higher in Windows 8.1, the fan comes on and simply spins up way higher and louder than it ever did in 8.0. Also, in 8.0 once load goes away, the speed of the fan drops almost instantly. But here in 8.1, it runs for a long time after load is gone.

    I hate noisy computers, so having to use this laptop making this much noise is simply not an option for me.
    Just joined and know very little about internal workings of a computer. I joined because I was looking for an answer to this same issue. My laptop worked fine. I got a notice about a free upgrade to 8.1 and ignored it. Next time it came up I upgraded. Almost simultaneously with upgrade completion my fan sounds like it is going to fly. And it runs hotter now. When I use it in the evening I shut it down each time I finish with it for any length of time. I mainly use this one with one eye on the TV and one on the computer. Hopefully as I read down further I will find the solution. My feeling is no doubt it is the 8.1 upgrade.
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Windows 8.1 fan problem
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