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Vision, I've just gone and installed a copy of Windows 8 Pro in an effort to provide some help, and the 8.1 update not only shows up in the Store, it's the first thing I see. Can't possibly miss it.

So, it should be showing up in yours. No idea why it isn't.

See below.

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Hi there
Tried also (via a VM) -- installed W8 PRO from scratch -- then updated to W8.1 -- worked fine

If all else fails re-install Windows and then do the update. (Backup any USER data first BTW).

It doesn't work out for me guys! really frustrating. It doesn't show the update in Windows 8 Store. But when I open the Music app it shows a notification of that I can download Windows 8.1. When I click there it shows me this.

imgur: the simple image sharer

That means it isn't possible to update through Windows Store. When I click for more information it shows me this too.

Windows 8 Pro, if installed by an organisation or a program that uses Volume Licensing. Talk to your system admin, or the administrator of the program that was used to install Windows 8. If you’re the administrator, you can find more information and links to Windows 8.1 ISOs in the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation.

I installed all the available Updates through Windows Update. I'm out of ideas..