A few days ago when I turned my laptop on it took it's time loading and when I tried to log in (with my normal Microsoft Account and the background/settings etc were correct for my profile) I think it came up with some sort of error message before proceeding to the factory-setup as if I'd just bought it from a shop (the whole, "Hi. Welcome to Windows. Just give us a moment whilst we begin to set up your computer" thing) so I quickly pulled out the battery. The next morning when I turned it on it gave me the option to troubleshoot etc but I just continued to Windows 8 and when I logged in this time there was no error message but took me straight to the factory-setup process again so I turned it off again and began to freak out.

I did a bit of research and it might be this user account/profile corrupt issue I've seen floating around but I'm not sure - does it sound like it? I normally log-in with my fingerprint reader and that appeared to work so I'd take it as a good sign, no? Is it likely if I log in somehow/make another profile I can find my files? If i follow this factory setup process what it going to happen? Should I start up in Safe Mode, where would that take me and how would it help?

I have contacted some Data Recovery people but it'll cost a fortune to recover and they say NOT TO DO ANYTHING just incase it wipes/rewrites over my harddrive data so I'm not sure if I should try to follow user account corrupt instructions or not. I called Windows Support as well but they were useless.

Few things to keep in mind; I only have one account (Microsoft not Local), when I first got this laptop a year ago I tried to set up a restore point multiple times but it wouldn't let me (took 14+ hours doing nothing one time) so I have no restore point and the same with automatic backup so I manually backed up my files last late last year but have seemingly lost all this years stuff which I deseperately want back.

This morning I turned on my laptop again and it came up with "Recovery: It looks like Windows didn't load correctly" so i reset it and it came up with my profile again (took a bit to load though) but when i logged in it did the whole factory-reset process so I turned it off. I'm scared of following it through incase I find everything is lost and I effed it up further.

Can someone please give me any advice on what to do and what they think it is? I would be so grateful, appreciate it and thankful!!