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Removing low disk space warning- registry edits don't work

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    Hi there
    WHY ON EARTH would you want to even THINK of touching the registry for such a trivial thing as LOW DISK SPCE. -- These days when you can get a 1TB HDD for around 30 USD why would you even consider worrying about low disk space.

    In todays world a new 1TB drive probably costs you about the same as a few days on your monthly smart phone contract or Internet costs.


    My system partition is only 60 GB. If you use the CCleaner option of wiping free space then you will get this warning since CCleaner just fills the drive with random data in files. It is just an annoying pop-up, easily removed in XP and Win 7, so what is different about 8?

    Please don't talk about reg changes. It is the nature of MS that makes them necessary in the first place. If the OS was more customisable they wouldn't be necesssary at all. Some of us still do not want anything to do with Libraries but we are lumbered with them - and only removed by reg changes. Can I get web pages to always save as .mht files - no. Why not? Loads of examples where we have to modify the registry - much to our general annoyance I might add, as probably for others.

    I do not recommend for others to make such changes but for those who do know their way around the registry and take the necessary precautions of backing up, making OS images or using Restore then they are free to do so. The OP I assume knows what he is doing.

    Hi there
    If you want to re-size partitions simply boot GPARTED from a USB, resize them and re-boot.

    GParted -- A free application for graphically managing disk device partitions

    Job done !!!

    Thanks jimbo, but as I've pointed out, I don't think lack of space is the reason for people seeking a solution to this pop-up. It is the working method of some software that wipe free disk space that is the problem. They may do it differently now and the OS may perform differently but that is the reason, not their lack of space being a consideration. I wrongly assumed Jimmy had the same reason. See my previous post.
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Removing low disk space warning- registry edits don't work
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