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advanced help with windows 8.1 explorer search filters!

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    advanced help with windows 8.1 explorer search filters!

    i was scouring the web for solutions but found no exact remedy (closest being this page: Searching with windows explorer Kind:=SUCKS!)

    I have 100+ subfolders within 1 folder, and in each subfolder contains a video (in various containers, such as wmv or mp4 or mkv etc).

    5 questions here:

    1. what is the fastest/easiest way to
    a) take out all the videos and place them in the main folder
    b) auto-rename the video using the subfolder's name
    c) dump all empty folders into Recycle bin

    2. search for files of a particular type?
    i understand from several threads that the "kind:=video" filter is useless, whereas the "type:" filter is more useful. however, is there a more efficient way of searching videos rather than using:

    type: (mp4 OR mkv OR mov OR wmv OR m2ts OR avi OR mpg OR rm OR rmvb OR mpeg OR flv OR m4v OR srt)

    what's worse is that the filter above does not work reliably 100% of the time. it only works perfectly if there are no subfolders that are being searched. when there are subfolders, it is only able to filter properly sometimes. (very odd behavior).

    3. sort folders in descending order by size?
    folders with subfolders usually do not have a size indication (size column is blank, hence sorting is not possible by size).

    4. enable sorting by 'Rating' when it is a folder full of pictures?
    i need to repeat these steps whenever i need it:
    Right click > sort by > More > Add 'Rating' to the list
    is there any way to make it permanent?

    5. set default sorting to 'Date Taken', ascending when it is a folder full of pictures?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    In answer to the following

    1. what is the fastest/easiest way to
    a) take out all the videos and place them in the main folder

    Why cant you go to the parent folder and enter (for instance) *.mkv etc. in the search box, Drag, copy or cut them to where you want them?
    * as I am pretty sure you know, a wildcard for "any"
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advanced help with windows 8.1 explorer search filters!
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