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Computer will not boot up past the windows splash screen

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    Computer will not boot up past the windows splash screen

    I'll start my computer, it will post and go into the BIOS just fine, it will always get past the screen right after the bios (with the motherboard logo and the windows spinning dots) and then it will go to a blank screen of blackness. It's had this problem off and on for a while, and I put in a new power supply about 2 weeks ago and it fixed the problem but now it will only boot into safe mode.

    It has no problems in safe mode and I have not seen it BSOD once.

    What kind of necessary information should I gather for y'all? This has been happening for a couple of months now, and it used to be sporadic on the old power supply, but then it always happened, and now it seems to be happening all of the time now as well. Oddly, if I were to disconnect the ethernet cable it seemed to boot up better on the old power supply, but it doesn't matter what I disconnect now, it doesn't seem to want to boot up past the spinning logo thing before you actually get into any kind of windows 8.

    Thank you all so much!

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    First off, the ethernet cable has nothing to do with it. Of course the old adage goes. If it worked before you messed with it. Now it does not. You did something wrong.

    Go back and check all connections and add-on cards. Also what is the wattage of the new Power supply. What is the wattage of the old Power supply.
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    The old power supply was 650 and this new one is 630. I used a power supply calculator, extreme power supply calculator, I have the pro version (eXtreme Power Supply Calculator) and I have plenty of amperage on the rails to supply my machine with its current setup. I was just thinking that my old one was getting spotty, and it did seem to make a difference for a while. But then it didn't. The computer actually did boot up completely after a couple more retries, but I think there is a bigger issue, and it will likely go into it's I'm-not-going-to-boot mode again.

    It seems like, depending on what peripherals are plugged in when I shut the computer down it decides whether or not to boot or not. It did seem like when the ethernet was unplugged it would boot up more usually, and when my external hard drive isn't plugged in it seems to like that more as well.

    Is there some sort of stress test I can run to see if this is a driver problem?

    Thanks for the reply.
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    external hdd!! this could be the issue ,
    my computer will not boot if I leave a usb device plugged in,there is a reason im sure maybe the boot order setting in the bios ,I just unplug it
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    Windows 8.1

    I certainly won't keep my external hard drive plugged in anymore, but I was wondering if there was another underlying problem. If it was just the external hard drive then I would imagine that it would boot again once I unplugged it, there's got to be something else going on. Anyone have any ideas?
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Computer will not boot up past the windows splash screen
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